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                                                             About Us
We started this website with a simple goal, to help people find and develop their passions through different hobbies. This online community is meant to be a place where people can come to discover new hobbies they have never tried, learn how to get started, and share their experiences and recommendations with others as they progress.

For each hobby you will find five different tabs to help you on your journey:
- Wiki article tab that you can read and contribute to
- Forum tab where you can learn from our community and share your experiences
- Video tab with free online instructional videos
- Product tab with the best beginner books and products to help you
- Links tab with the best online resources from around the web.

To get started, browse through the 250+ hobbies we have classified in the categories at the top of the screen (or click Go to a Random hobby to be surprised!

Enjoy, be safe and remember to always have fun!