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Many people have a great passion for architecture and home design. It is can be very creative, fun, and has a great sense of accomplishment. It doesn`t matter if you want to pursue architecture as a profession or as a hobby, here you can learn about architecture and start experimenting yourself.

Below is a terrific introductory article where you can learn the basics and how to get started. You can help grow our learning community by contributing your knowledge to the article. Just click on the edit tab in the wiki article below.

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Duncan Davis



To a great extent, architectural discipline is an effective outlet for an individual’s creative instincts. If you have always explored your creative side as a hobby, then why not try architecture? Read on to find more about getting started with architecture as a hobby.

Your interest in buildings, construction plans, creation of models and interior designing can be of great help in taking up this hobby even at home. Architecture, one of the oldest arts by mankind has been a very interesting hobby for many people. This is a delightful means of recreation for anyone who wants to channelize his or her creativity of designing homes and model creation, for fun and creative satisfaction. One of the most important advantages associated with architecture is that it is not an expensive hobby as compared to photography or teapot making. It is considered as a hobby because of the passion required in this vocation. If you are not thinking about the moneymaking aspect of architecture then try it out as a hobby. Studying architecture can also be pursued as a hobby, but when it comes to creation of something related to the welfare and safety of public, it is better if a professional does it. So, what are you waiting for? If you feel that you have what it takes to carry your architectural skills to the next level, then it can be practiced as a very exciting hobby.

Getting started:

The roots of this interesting art can be seen in your room, house and town and surrounding landscape. If you have the passion for creating beautiful architectural designs then the outcome will depend on how well you are able to perceive the world and your surroundings with reason as well as emotion. A good design should be sensuous and intelligent. Architecture is not abstract, but concrete matter. Even though drawing a plan on paper at times is not considered an adequate architecture representation, designing something of your own can give you tremendous creative satisfaction. And who knows, once mastered, you can even get a chance to execute it! There are a number of architecture-software products available in the market with the help of which you can give a shape to your imagination and passion for home designs and plans. To see the design of your dreams on the computer screen or paper will not only be fun, but it will also give you a sense of accomplishment. Such software packages consist of tools that can help you create walkthroughs and 3D models. You can start with initial sketches and then turn them into polished presentations. The media and tools for communication and creation of real 3D homes or building designs consist of powerful accessories and related products. You don’t just create a model, but design a whole layout. You can provide a live 3D perspective to your spatial idea sketches, easily and creatively. Once the ideas are ready you can use the accurate tools for editing, to refine and develop the sketches. CAD drawings can be turned into architectural renderings and you can see your project come to life with built in texture and lights. Architecture software is available within every budget.

Home design software can also be used by anyone who has a computer, to draw house elevations, floor plans and real 3D pictures. This software cannot take the place of a professional architect, but it can surely help you in visualizing your house the way you want it to be, helping you plan your door and window designs, customize trims and plumbing systems.

Google offers a free `sketch up` program for making 3D images of building projects and can be downloaded easily. Once the image is created, it can either be printed or uploaded in a 3D warehouse so that others get to see your designs. If you don’t like the color of the walls or a particular design then one click of the mouse is enough to make the necessary changes. There are many people who feel that only those designs should be created that can be built in the real world. But there are no such limitations for your creativity and imagination if you pursuing architecture as a hobby at home. You are free to build a sensible design out of your imagination and share it with others online. Who knows! Professionals might appreciate it!

Besides software, several books on architecture are also available in the market. They can be of great help to the beginners or anyone willing to take it up as a hobby. With the help of information and pictures, you can learn a lot about the details. If you want to take your hobby and passion one step ahead, then join online architecture classes. All you require is little time and dedication. Although there are very few complete online degree programs for drafting and architecture, you can learn a lot from continuing education courses as well. You will get to learn skills required for creation or designing of buildings, dams, bridges and homes. Instructions related to the use of computer-aided designs will also be given to you so that you create beautiful designs.

Points to remember:

Architecture can be a very exciting hobby, provided you avail of the useful information about this art. When you plan on purchasing architecture software, make sure that you conduct some research in order to get the best deal. Don’t spend too much on software without finding about the tools and features provided. Look for something that offers more features at a lower price. Complicated programs or software could be difficult to understand and use. Trial versions of such software are also available. Test and create some designs to see whether the software is worth buying or not. Since you will be experimenting with architecture as a hobby, make sure that you go slowly about doing things. Unfortunately, there are not many online resources that could help you learn architecture. Look for good websites or online courses that can be of some help to you. It helps to purchase good books on architecture to get a basic idea about it before starting with the software. Creation of an architectural design is all about imagination, perception and creativity. So get started for an exciting experience where you can create your own designs. There will be nothing as rewarding as ending up a professional in what you started as a hobby.