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Astral Projection

Astral projection or Astral Travel as it is also known, is a form of out of body experience where your astral body separates from your physical body to travel in an astral plane.

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Astral projection is one’s ability to leave the physical body. It is an out-of-body experience where the astral body, or consciousness, separates itself from the physical body and travels in the astral planes. This is achieved during a waking, relaxed state, lucid dreaming or during deep meditation. The concept of astral projection has been practiced for thousands of years. It is said to date back to ancient China. Practically everyone can experience astral projection. In fact, every one of us leaves our body at night, after our physical mind sleeps, except that we don’t recall it. After the physical mind sleeps, the subconscious mind takes over. This is when we experience our astral projection.

Getting Started With Astral Projection

Astral projection and astral travel are amazing experiences, and practicing these can enhance our lives in many ways. The experience hones your psychic abilities and helps in your personal development. You can also recall your past lives and much more. Whatever your motivation to learn astral projection, there is plenty of information available. There are several techniques, and there really is no formula for the “best technique.” It is a good idea to join online forums and discussion boards related to astral projection and share your thoughts with practitioners and non-practitioners to get a better insight. There are also plenty of e-books and newsletters you can sign up for to enhance your knowledge about astral projection.

Costs, Equipment

Equipment-wise, all you need is a quiet space to help you concentrate and focus. You can use music to help you do this. Other than this, you really do not need anything to get started, except the will to do it. Some people do use external aids like binaural beats to help them meditate and reach the mind awake/body asleep state. You decide what you need.

What Happens During A Projection?

You are obviously curious to know exactly what happens in your body during an astral projection. Your pulse and heart rate are lowered. Your body temperature is also at its lowest. This reduces heat, generating energy that converts into magnetism, keeping us in. Your brain signals are slower, reducing electricity in the brain. Your breathing is much slower, passing on less oxygen to the brain. Thus, you need to keep three things in mind.

Three Things to Keep in Mind

Since the concept of astral projection can be an adventurous one, remember the following:



This is the starting point for your astral projection training. You have to learn to meditate in the right manner because without it, you can’t get anywhere. You need to be adept at training your brain to reach its deep states of consciousness to enjoy an out of body experience.



When you reach your state of meditation, you can focus on what your goal is through astral projection. Have a firm resolve and focus on it to help you leave your physical body. Then, use this intention to propel your astral body from your physical body.



While in your meditative state, focus on your goals and on achieving them.

Astral projection is a wonderful experience. Free your mind, and enjoy the journey.

Different Techniques

Naturally, there are several routes or techniques when it comes to astral projection. There are several books that describe these techniques. Every individual finds that a particular technique works best for him or her – so it all boils down to some experimentation, until you arrive at the technique that suits you best and gives you results. You will hear about the following techniques:

• Rope technique

• Lift/roll out technique

• Anchor technique

• Swing technique

• Meditation

• Gradual detachment technique

• Hypnotism

• Affirmation

• Chakra technique

• Monroe technique

In fact, every practitioner of astral projection will come up with a method.

Whichever technique you choose, the common thread through these techniques is that your body’s energy influences your ability to project, the length of time you spend out of your body on the astral plane and the frequency you reach.

Let’s look at the Monroe technique which is a good way to get started with astral projection for you as a beginner.

Preparing yourself

Preparing yourself is an essential step for your astral projection experience to be successful. You will need to practice this for a while so that you can gradually coax your body to let go of your astral body.

• Start by learning how to meditate

• Develop a regular routine. Sleep at the same time every night, and wake up at the same time every morning.

• Sleep well. Get between eight to ten hours sleep every night.

• Physical exercise helps by releasing your energy blocks, letting your energy flow freely through your body

• Maintain a healthy diet. Avoid alcohol, hot and spicy foods. Cut down on meat.

• Choose a time when you can try to project at the same time every day. Your body will appreciate this.

• Just before you attempt astral projection, focus on it fully. Believe that you will achieve it and visualize yourself doing it. This will help you develop the right mindset.

• Ensure there are no interruptions when you meditate. This means switching off your phone and not answering the doorbell.

• As far as place is concerned, choose a quiet spot. You might want to visit the washroom before you begin meditating.

It is very important to satisfy your body’s needs before you begin.

The Meditation

Lie down with your head in the geographical East. Get comfortable and relax your body. Your spine and neck must be straight. Use a pillow to support your head. Breathe, so that your breathing becomes rhythmic. Inhale, hold, then exhale, repeat. Breathe deeply and focus on your breathing. Feel each breath as it fills your lungs, taking the refreshing air through your body, as you relax completely.

The next step is to relax your muscles. Here is an exercise that can help you with this. For a few seconds, clench your toes. Then loosen. As the fatigue flows through your muscles, repeat. Do this with all your muscles working your way up from the bottom to the top. This includes your legs, your buttocks, your belly, your chest, arms, neck, etc. Finish with your face. Stick your tongue out as far as you can. Make faces. Relax your eyes. Gradually, when your body becomes completely relaxed, you are ready for the main part of meditation.

The Monroe technique for astral projection

This technique was designed by Robert Allan Monroe based on his personal experiences in astral projection. This technique starts with completely relaxing the body as it is a vital requirement of your out-of-body experience. Use the meditation technique, gradual muscle relaxation or deep breathing exercises to relax.

With a fully relaxed body, you are ready to step into the hypnogogic state, or the stage where you are on the verge of falling asleep. It is now time to consciously decide to go deeper into this state. Clear your mind of all thoughts and enjoy the darkness behind your closed eyes. This is the next step. Then, move into a deeper state of relaxation where you are no longer aware of your body or other stimulus. Right now all you are aware of are your thoughts. When you reach this state, you can enter the vibratory state where you experience a tingling sensation through your body indicating that you are ready for astral projection.

You need to control your vibrations and channel them into waves so that you can slowly release parts of your astral body from your physical body. Begin with a hand or a foot, working your way up until your entire astral body leaves your physical body. You can now float away from your physical body or stand up. When you do this, it means you have had an out of body experience.

There are guides that lead you through the minute details of this technique. Follow them with care.

Beginners’ Tips to Keep in Mind

When you attempt astral projection for the first time, stop with floating in the air or looking at your body. Drift down gradually and back into your physical body. Once you develop the knack, you will slowly be able to do it for longer durations. If you did not project successfully, remember to meditate and balance your being.

The main thing to remember when you learn astral projection is that it is not all that difficult to do. You need patience and determination, along with the will to do it. No matter which method seems to work best, as we mentioned earlier, the main aspect of astral projection is meditating properly. It just takes longer for some people to achieve astral projection than others.

If you find it really hard, try some meditation aids like music. Binaural beats are supposed to be effective. Persistence is the key to success. Now let’s look at some of the mistakes you must avoid when you try astral projection.

Mistakes to Avoid

Sometimes, even after you try for a long time, it seems like you are not getting anywhere with astral projection, check to see if you are doing anything wrong. Here are some mistakes you should avoid so that they don’t slow you down.

• Do not attempt astral projection at night just before bedtime, as there are good chances of falling asleep. Most people tend to instantly drop off after a long and tiring day. Therefore, it can be difficult to achieve that state where your mind is awake and alert. Preferably try astral projection during the early afternoon or even during a weekend when you don’t have to rush off to work the next morning.

• Do not be afraid to try astral projection. Some people have the latent fear of dying during astral projection. Some get scared of being possessed. Fears such as these can prevent you from fully allowing yourself to relax. Thus, get over these feelings before you start the process.

• Do not keep talking to your self. Many people tend to keep up a constant stream of self talk where they ask themselves whether they are doing the right thing. To make sure astral projection is successful, it is important to free your mind from all thoughts. Only then will you be able to bring on the vibrations that precede the projection. Channel your thoughts to a single thread and listen without analyzing it. Focus steadily to get closer.

• Do not confuse relaxation with sleep. In astral projection, you need to practice falling asleep physically, yet keeping your consciousness awake. This can take time to master. When your body sleeps, it reduces your magnetic pull as things slow down. When you free your mind of all thoughts, the vibrations flood it. Don’t get excited at this point. Continue to be calm until you can no longer feel your physical body. Allow your astral body to separate itself and keep focusing your consciousness on this. Do not listen to anything outside of the projection.

• Do not be impatient. You cannot rush astral projection. For some people it can take a long time to achieve. It takes a lot of discipline, commitment and focus. Eventually it will happen and until it does, you have to be patient and wait without losing hope.

Do keep the above in view to get closer to astral projection. It goes without saying that any distractions from your phones, your partners, your children or pets must be avoided. As mentioned earlier, get enough sleep in the Preparation stage so that you are not exhausted when you begin to try astral projection.

Benefits of Astral Projection

Astral projection seems like such a fun thing to do as a hobby, but it also brings some big benefits with it. It enriches your life in many ways. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy:

• You can feel the joy of flying and explore, without the constraints of time and distance.

• You can pass through any physical matter safely and easily and this includes walls, vehicles, etc.

• Astral projection allows you to meet your near and dear ones who are no longer alive. You can meet your spiritual guides and angels.

• Astral projection will change the way you see life, bringing on a new awareness resulting in spiritual growth.

• It is a fact that astral projection helps you travel in time and space.

• You can heal others as well as yourself. Psychologically, it makes a big difference as you see yourself literally from outside of yourself, giving you the ability to let go of negative thoughts and habits.

• It enhances your psychic abilities and extrasensory perception, making your life better by increasing your self awareness.

• You no longer have the fear of death. Instead you appreciate life and enjoy it more.

• You can influence others’ minds as astral projection gives you the ability to influence other people’s dreams. This requires mastery of technique.

• You can help people solve problems that appear difficult, normally. You develop an increased sense of responsibility and self respect. You realize your true potential, power and strength.

• You experience a change in your mental, spiritual and physical state, speeding up your personal development. Your intelligence is enhanced, your memory improves and so does your imagination.

Most of all, there is a deep sense of awareness, rather than of belief.


Astral projection can often take months or years to achieve, so being patient is a pre-requisite to attempting this beautiful experience. As you get adept at the technique, you may feel like experimenting by trying a different diet to see if it affects your ability to project. At all times, remember that you must be respectful and act with common sense. View the astral plane as something that enriches your life. Understand the concept of the mind being awake while the body sleeps. Finally, it all depends on two major factors – your ability to compose your mind and body into a completely relaxed state and your ability to tune yourself to the right astral projection frequency. As you practice, you will get better and better. Enjoy the process.