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Learning to make and serve drinks is a very entertaining hobby and useful skill to have. No matter if you use these skills in a party in your house or working at a bar, learning to bartend is definitely you can get started into. Learn a few recipes and you can get started today!

Below is a terrific introductory article where you can learn the basics and how to get started. You can help grow our learning community by contributing your knowledge to the article. Just click on the edit tab in the wiki article below.

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Good Luck and Have Fun!
Duncan Davis


What exactly do you do when you have nothing and I mean nothing at all and all you have around you is some wine glasses and some bottles. If I were you, I would surely have flashbacks of the movie “Coyote Ugly” going on in my mind. When it comes to bar tending, you can be assured there will never be a dull moment in your life. That`s because bar tending is one of those few things that could be real fun and exciting which is all the more reason for being pursued as a hobby. I mean lets admit it, what can be more fun than always trying out new stuff with different kinds of drinks with the end result being having a good time. So yeah, bar tending could be a great hobby because well, come to think of it, it offers you with everything that hobbies are all made up.

Lets face it though, its not one of those hobbies that you`d like your kids to take up at an early age. Besides, its not that its illegal or something like that. I mean c`mon, there are bar tending schools all over the country and they`re doing a pretty good job by providing bars with great bar tenders. So before you get all hyped up with pursuing this as your hobby, there are some things that you ought to know. Bar tending is a responsibility and it doesn`t just involve mixing different types of drinks, its also important to hear out the other patrons. Even the bar tending schools consider this to be important since the job of a bar tender is more like taking care of its patrons.

Why Bartend

First of all, you have got to remember that bar tending is not all that cheezy and low life job that you used to see in the old Western movies. On the contrary, it can be quite a reputable establishment these days around. So if you want to play smart, you should make the most of this hobby and turn it into something really big. Okay, we’re not talking about you opening up your own bar just because we told you to, but if you’re good enough, what the hell, why not right? You’d be surprised to know the various techniques that are involved by mixing drinks to make really good cocktails and other drinks.

But you should also know that bar tending is not all about drinks, chatting over with a few friends and the good life. As a bar tender, you also have to keep a tab on the customers walking in and pay heed to their drinking habits. Training is the key to master the art of bar tending unless of course you want your drinks to taste like feet. Okay, we’ll be honest here, bar tending will not always mean that you’ll be in certain situations you might have seen in one of the most popular soaps “Cheers”. Nope, that isn’t going to happen. Attitude, patience and the proper bar tending skills are the three most important traits required to learn and live the bar tending life. Apart from these three traits, if you happen to possess people skills, it’ll be like a feather in your cap for your achievements.

How to start

So if you’re into bar tending as much as I thought you are, lets walk you through about mixing drinks. Creating drinks is something really artistic but at the same time, it depends upon the taste of the person mixing it. The most common lesson that you are bound to learn in any bar tending school will be shaking, pouring over a spoon, etc. These would be the simplest techniques when it comes to bar tending which is more than perfect if you tend to bar tend within the comforts of your own private bar at home. Now lets get on with some of the techniques shall we.

Shaking is a good technique when it comes to preparing drinks that contains fruit juices, cream and even eggs for that matter. With these ingredients in the drink, it becomes obvious that the drink needs to be shaken. When shaking, you simply have to use the cocktail shaker which in turn helps you to mix the contents in the drink and at the same time serve it chilled which is exactly what your patrons are looking for in the first place. The best way to do this is by freezing the drink and then breaking it down with the contents in the cocktail shaker. You will know that the drink is ready to be served when you see some drops of water condensed on the surface of the shaker, This will ensure that the drink is chilled enough after which you have to finish off the deed by straining the drink.

Okay now, most of the cocktail shakers come with a built in strainer. In order to strain, it is important that you should have used ice cubes and not crushed ice since its obvious that the crushed ice will clog your strainer. Besides, if ever the patron asks you to serve any drink with crushed ice, you should never strain it. How many times have you heard the phrase “shaken not stirred” by our very own James Bond? Stirring a drink would include stirring it in a mixing glass with either a glass or a small metal rod. Then of course, muddling is the best when you want to bring out the flavor in the drink especially if it consists of fruit juices, mint garnishes or something like that. The best way to do this is by crushing the content (ingredient) with the help of a muddler on the back of a bar spoon or pestle.

Speaking of bar tending, how can we even forget about the ever so great flaming. As you might have already seen sometime, flaming is nothing but lighting a cocktail or any other alcohol which is typically done to bring out the flavor in the drink. But hey, since this method obviously involves playing with fire and that too in a literal sense, it is advised that you maintain some caution. We say this because there are some drinks that may have relatively more alcohol content in them which might as well result in the drink to ignite rather furiously. One word of caution here, never let anyone drink up a flaming drink, always extinguish it before serving.


So now that you know what bar tending has to offer which is nothing but for you and to keep people happy, there is no reason to back away from this hobby. While practicing/training for it, who knows, you might even get used to flair bar tending which is bar tending taken to a whole new level.