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Bowling is a fun and easy sport to get into and can take years to master. If you decide to take the sport seriously there is a ton of advanced techniques that can help you raise your game significantly.

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Good Luck and Have Fun!
Duncan Davis



Bowling is a sports activity in which the player rolls a bowling ball, in an attempt to score points and get the ball close to a target ball or into pins, on a flat surface. Typically, the flat surface is made up of synthetic or wooden surface.

In the past, bowling and the bowling balls existed only in primitive forms which were discovered by the archeologists. At present, bowling exists in a lot of forms, the recent most being the ten-pin bowling.

Bowling, nowadays, is popular all over the world. The popularity of this activity can be judged by the fact that almost every other mall, recreation grounds or other social settings have a bowling area.

The sport of bowling requires precision from the way how you position your body to the way the slots in bowling surface are targeted. In order to achieve precision, one needs to have the necessary tools as well accessories which are required in order to be a part of this amazing and fun filled game.

Getting a bowling ball to perfectly roll as well as hit the target opens up a whole new avenue of getting yourself fully into the game and enjoys it. Getting the perfect roll depends on a number of factors such as the bowling ball weight, how it feels when you are holding it, its texture, whether you are comfortable with throwing it or not (especially when approach the line of foul).


Bowling is not only one of the most popular games around the world but also one of the oldest as well. It can be traced back to circa 3200 BC. In 1930, Sir Flinders Petrie, a British anthropologist discovered objects in an Egyptian child’s grave, which seemed to have been used as bowling in primitive form. This was basically an outlined rough version of the bowling ball that we see today and had pins along with it, all having a size to fit a child’s need. The grave and objects were dated back to 3200 BC which means that bowling existed more than 5000 years as well.


It is believed that King Edward III banned bowling because the troops were drawn towards it and instead of practicing archery, focused on bowling more. The game revived when Henry VIII took charge and unbanned it. This led to the emergence of different types of pin games in which ball was rolled towards objects in order to score. These objects were like pin in shape but crude version of design and shape that exists today. This shows how much rich and deep is the history of bowling.

Nowadays, you will find a lot of games which resembles the modern bowling for instance, you will find in Europe the nine pin variations or Petanque in France. Bocce balls have its origin in Italy and are very much similar to lawn bowling in British. Both the English as well as the Dutch brought their version of bowling in United States. The word bowling was for the first time heard in America when it was mentioned in the book ‘Rip Van Winkle, a famous story by Washington Irving, who gets woken up by the sound of "crashing ninepins", published in 1812.

From here the history of bowling History continued in America. A permanent site for bowling was designed in the heart of the battery area in New York. It is now recognized by the name of Bowling Green, located in the what is now recognized as financial district. Bowling has gained immense popularity in America and has become one of those big games where betting is done. In 1841, Connecticut banned bowling but due to its popularity the ban was uplifted.

In 1800s, ten pin games became a lot of popular amongst many for the reason that nine pin was banned and considered to be a gambling game. By simply adding an extra pin, people were able to exploit a loophole in the law and were able to still enjoy the sport of bowling. The formation of the pins as well as ball still saw variations in the region. In 1895, a number of bowling clubs from different region got together and under the leadership of a restaurant owner formed the American Bowling Congress in New York City at Beethoven hall. This led to consistency in the game of bowling as well as national competition were held. The drawback of the Congress was that it was only for men. From late ninetieth century women had been bowling as well and thus women formed Women’s National Bowling Association in 1917 on their own and for themselves. This really led to standardization of the game and bowling received a major boost from here onwards. The game became more and more popular from here and all over America.

The fifties is known as the decade of bowling but in reality the popularity of bowling is growing and people are much fond of it as people in the past used to be. It is estimated that around Ninety five million people across ninety countries are still involved in this sport with the number of people as well as the bowling clubs increasing.

The history of bowling doesn’t end here, it still continues. New technologies in the game of bowling continue to be seen from bowling ball to electronic scores and monitor showing the path of speed of the ball as well as many other things.

The growth in bowling seems not to be ending- at least not any time sooner.

Health benefits

Bowling is not just an activity of having fun, but it also have numerous health benefits. It is considered to an anaerobic exercise for the physical fitness, just like walking with free weights. The activity of bowling allows the bowler to burn a lot of calories. It also works on those muscle groups which are not usually exercised and taken care of. Bowling involves a lot of flexing and stretching. This allows working on tendons, ligaments, arm muscles and joints which leads to weight loss- a common desire of most of us today.

Not only does bowling give physical benefits but it also has an effect on psychosocial behavior. With so many people in one place, having so much fun, laughing, watching each other bowl, commenting and doing so much more, it is easier to strengthen friendship as well as create new bonds.

Bowling safety

• Warming up is very much important in bowling as well. Remember, bowling is a physical activity and it is strongly recommended to warm up before performing any such activity. Warming up is necessary if you want to avoid injuries from occurring.

• Warming up of fingers is also really important since fingers are to be inserted in the bowling ball. This will make sure that the fingers are not left stuck in the ball

• Make sure there are no sticky objects on the sole of the shoes as it may cause you to fall.

• Bowling balls are quite heavy to pick up, with weights varying with different ranges. Hence, in order to avoid wrist injury or back problem you should pick the bowling ball with both the hands. It is advisable that you should also bend your knees when picking up the bowl if you don’t want to have a back injury.

• The return mechanism of bowling ball has a driven wheel. Make sure you keep your hands away from it.

Keeping bowling scores

Most of the bowling alleys that you visit will have electronic score but still getting to know how to keep track of the scoring is a good thing. You should know each and every thing about the game you love and besides no one knows when a need may arise so here is how you can keep bowling scores:

• You should first know the basics of the game. Keep in mind that a game of bowling is divided into 10 frames. A bowler will get two chances in each frame to allow him to knock down all the pins.

• Get yourself a score sheet and note down the name of the bowlers in a provided space.

• You should note down the number of pins which were knocked down by the bowler in his first attempt.

• Make sure you write down the figure in front of the respective bowler, in a small space which is at the top left corner in the box allocated to that frame.

• Now record the pin numbers which were knocked down by the bowler on his second attempt. It should be noted down in a small box as well, which will be next to first box (in which you recorded the first attempt).

• Now add the two numbers and pen it down in the blank space below (the ‘total’ area

• If a bowler scores a strike, then put an X in the frame.

• In the next attempt, 10 points for strike plus number of pins knocked down in that turn. Record this result in the total area of the frame in which the bowler scored a strike. As usual after the strike now score the frame.

• If the next attempt is again a strike, then you should add 10 points (first strike), 10 points for next strike and the number of pins which were knocked down in the first attempt of the next frame.

• When the bowler throws and knocks down all the pins in his second attempt then put a spare like this ("/") in the box. Now on his next turn, you should add 10 points to the spare with the number of pins which were knocked down in the next attempt he made. Remember to record this in the total area of the frame in which a spare was scored.

• At the end of the game, simply add up all the scores of each player and see who won the game.


Given are some really useful tips for you which may help you in improving your bowling:

• Roll: Make sure you are rolling the ball and not throw it as if you are throwing a stone. Rolling of bowling ball should be along the lane. Also, make sure you roll smoothly even from the start. No typical clonk sound should be heard which almost all beginners will hear when they start.

• Keep focused on pin: When rolling the ball, make sure your eyes are on the pin and not on the bowling ball.

• Practice a lot: If you really want to improve then you need to practice a lot. You should at least try and practice a couple of times in a week. If this is not possible for you then at least you should practice once a week. Remember the more you practice, the better it will be. You can also improve your bowling skills by getting membership of a club where there are skilled people who will let you in on their secrets and will teach you. You will also find other beginners to play with.

• Observing pros: You should keep a close eye on the bowling experts and how they move. You can watch tournaments on TV and may even record them so that you can watch closely, in a slow motion, the movements of the pros.

• Shoes: You should pay attention to your shoes and make sure that that you clean them regularly especially the shoe’s sole. You can also brush them so that not much will slide.


Today bowling is one of the most popular and best activities out there. Everyone just loves to do bowling and have so much fun doing it. You will not only enjoy yourself but will also be able to spend quality time with friends and family, having a little friendly competition along the way.

Remember if you really want to win a game, you need to improve your skills for which you will really need to practice a lot. You can also pick up with few bowling tips along the way and become a better bowler and aw your friends.

Go out and enjoy yourself with an exciting, fun-filled game of bowling.