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Candle Making

Candle making is a very easy and fun hobby. There is an endless amount of creativity in the process, from choosing colors, shapes, and even scents.

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Good Luck and Have Fun!
Duncan Davis



Candle Making is one the most popular hobbies that can help you feel relaxed after a long day at work. More than a hobby, candle making has become an art form. Individuals have their own designs and ideas for candles and in this case, no matter what design is created, it becomes a work of art, at least to the creator. Candle making is not a very difficult task; however, you would certainly like to create something that could be made a focal point in your room. The best thing about this hobby is that in case your design is not good, you can melt the candle and make one all over again.

Basic requirements for making candles:

Before you start making candles there are few basic materials that you must gather. Candle moulds are the most important requirement for making candles. You can buy these moulds from any craft shop. Paraffin wax is another basic requirement, available in the form of granules or blocks. You also need to buy stearin, which is a material added to melted wax so that the candles you make turn out to be opaque, hard and long burning. If you are using 450 grams of wax then the usual proportion of stearin would be 3 tablespoons. If you are using dyes then first you will have to dissolve it in stearin and then add it to the melted wax mixture. Paraffin wax can be made longer burning if you add small amount of beeswax to it. Some of the other materials you need are:

• Votive wicks

• Silicone spray if using metal votive moulds

• Any old saucepan for creating a double boiler

• Oven mitts


You can cover the burners with aluminum foil and spread a newspaper or old rag on a flat working area so that it is easy to clean up after work.

Pursuing candle making as a hobby:

Candle making will not only help you relax but once you see the result it will also give you tremendous creative satisfaction. In case you are very good at it, you can even consider starting a home based candle-making business and earn some extra bucks. This hobby can be a very enjoyable experience for anyone. Since it is easy and safe, you can even ask your kids to help you in the whole process. It can be a great way of spending quality time with them but don’t forget to supervise their activities. Make sure that when you are working around open flame, equipment for avoiding any potential dangerous situation is there in your house. Even though candle making is creative and fun, you will have to give it your undivided attention. When you work with hot wax, don’t try multitasking because it will not only be dangerous but the wax will also turn cold very fast.


Candle making kits can be of great help to you in pursuing this hobby. These kits are perfect for beginners to introduce themselves to the art of candle making. Once you are aware of the basic know how of candle making, this kit will show you the basic techniques and steps that can help you create stunning candles.

Important things to remember:

Protection of the work surface from melted wax is the most important step in candle making. You can use a heavy plastic or newspaper to spread on a flat surface. No elaborate tools are required for creating beautiful candles. If you cannot spend on expensive fancy equipment, then a thermometer and roasting pan would also do.


Safety is an essential aspect of this hobby. Wax melting is a relatively easy process but still you will have to be very careful while doing it. Don’t let your children get close to it or touch it. Fragrances and dyes can be found in craft stores. Remember to add the dye in the melted wax very slowly so that it gets completely dissolved. Always add colors one at a time so that you get to see which one is working best with the other.


You must watch the wax very carefully while it melts because in case of extra heat, it can burn. In case it starts to smoke, remove it from the burner quickly but don’t let it spill on you. Even if it happens, don’t wipe but run it under cold water so that it hardens and falls.

Adding personality to your hobby:

In candle making, the most creative part is to choose the right kind of candle pattern. You can also add a splash of color; melt your favorite crayon color so that a vibrant look could be given to your candle. From non-flammable beads to stencils, anything can be used for creating a stunning work of art. The only limitation you have is your imagination. If you want scented candles then add some crushed herbs so that it gets a pleasant scent whenever you light it. So what are you waiting for? If you have always been interested in making candles then candle-making kits could be of great help to you.