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Card Tricks

Learning how to do card tricks is not only a great way to entertain and amuse people, but can be terrific hobby to learn and master. As with magic, card tricks can be simple illusions that confuse and amaze your audience or can also be mathematical tricks that equally amaze.

Getting started is incredibly easy as for many of the below card tricks, you only need a regular card deck! Start out with the beginners tricks and once you have perfected it go ahead and start learning the more difficult tricks available.

Below is a terrific introductory article where you can learn the basics and how to get started. You can help grow our learning community by contributing your knowledge to the article. Just click on the edit tab in the wiki article below.

Use the white subtabs above to navigate the other card tricks resources. We have a card tricks forum where you can get your questions & doubts answered, a page with card tricks how-to videos, a page with the best handpicked links to other sites, and a page with the best card tricks books and products.

Good Luck and Have Fun!
Duncan Davis


Are Card Tricks an interesting hobby?

It definitely is interesting and exciting and also a definite crowd puller. We have seen how easy it is for a magician or professional to attract people by doing a simple card trick. All card tricks are not difficult. There are quite a few simple ones you can pick up. As a hobby, it is fun filled and has its own excitement. It attracts people all age groups. In a house party or any informal gathering, you can easily amuse everyone by showing off a few card tricks. People would also give you their attention as it a fast paced trick and is not at all boring and monotonous. Card tricks have always fascinated people for countless years. It has the ability to bring a smile to people’s faces or take them completely aback.


Do you have it in you………..


There are a few things you need to recognize in yourself, before you venture into the hobby of card tricks. You need a certain amount of intelligence and a whole lot of patience to keep practicing till you get it right. You also need to have that gift where you can hold onto people’s attention for more than five minutes, so that you get them to see your trick. If you recognize these abilities in you, then go for it.


And it is always the positive feedback and claps from people that encourages you to go ahead. Initially, this works but once you get better, you will have to start using different ways of distracting the audience, so you can perform better tricks. Even the greatest of magicians adapt a lot of methods, combined with their charming selves, to mesmerize their audiences and do greater tricks. Use a lot of eye and hand skills to keep them enamored.


Inculcate in you a style that is unique and yet charming. Work on your presentation skills, which will make people, want to keep watching you do your card tricks. Never allow boredom to set in. find new and exciting and innovative ways to make every one of your performances better than the other.


Card tricks come a long way………….


Card tricks are hundreds of years old, and believed to be the oldest of tricks. Since it was simpler than most other tricks, especially in the case of a beginner, it was generally preferred. Also, it was one of the best ways for beginners to work on their performance skills and then move onto more serious tricks.

How do I learn?

In today’s times, you will find lots of companies who sell card kits that are ready to use with specific instructions in it. These instructions are so very simple to follow and help you master the tricks without any additional help. You can also choose to go on the Internet, where there are plenty of resources available to you at a very nominal fee. Or just go out and buy yourself a pack of cards, and read up some card techniques by which you can self learn. And then you have so many faithful books that will give you ample knowledge on how to successfully perform card tricks. If you want to make a career later, then opt for a recognized magic school, where you will get all the help you need.

Some important tips

Always remember to stick to one trick till you master it. Go to the next one only when you have become an expert at it. Never perform in front of others if you are not confident enough. It will only look like a cheap joke. Even if it is one or two tricks, be completely prepared. Your physical mannerisms play a huge role in making your performance a success. Did you know that your physical posture and tone of voice play a big role in getting your audience to love the act? Yes it does. So work on it. You have to sound as convincing as you can. And do a good job of it.

Just to mention a few Tricks


It is generally one of the first used tricks. You may use two decks of cards which are of different colours. When you take out both the decks, ask any one person to pick a card from the deck. After this, ask them to follow your instructions. Now you can mix or shuffle the cards well and cut. That member can do the same now. The secret is in taking a look at the bottom of your deck and memorizing it. After both of you exchange decks, the card they pick will be revealed.

The Rising Card

The person picks a card from the deck and loses it in the deck. You should keep your first finger on the deck, and with it comes up that person’s card. This is only done if you keep the deck in your right hand. Then put the first finger of your right hand on top of the deck and the person chooses the card as you lift up. The magic lies in the way your fingers are positioned when holding the deck.

Just name a few more tricks– 2 of a kind, 4 friendly kings, mirror image, ace party, mystery ten, after drinks, nice & easy, appearing card, etc.


Great things are achieved by practice………….

Just like any hobby, card tricks also require a lot of practice before you are actually ready. Invest a few hours on a daily basis if you want to make it a serious hobby. All the effort you put in will pay off one day. It takes a whole lot of perseverance and dedication in the pursuit of any hobby. But even if you are just playing around with it for fun it is fine. Card tricks are a hobby to make you happy. It is perfect if you spend a lot of time alone to concentrate on practicing the trick. May this hobby be a complete success for you while it brings a lot of fun and excitement to your gatherings.