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Fashion Design

Fashion design is a career and hobby which many people choose simply because of their love of fashion in their own life. That is a big reason why many Fashion Designers truly love their work and spend countless hours enjoying it. Getting started is much easier than many people, and although becoming really successful is not as easy you must remember that all of today`s top designers started at the bottom at some point.

It doesn`t matter if you with to pursue fashion design formally as a career or informally as a hobby, the place to start is by loving fashion, studying the trends and styles, and then eventually sketching your own ideas and creating prototypes.

Below is a terrific introductory article where you can learn the basics and how to get started. You can help grow our learning community by contributing your knowledge to the article. Just click on the edit tab in the wiki article below.

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Are you passionate about fashion? Do you like designing clothes and making people look good? If the answer is yes, then fashion designing can be one of the best career options or hobbies you could pursue. Your hobby of putting together clothes for your friends and family members will not only help you enhance your designing skills, but it will also provide you immense creative satisfaction. You don’t have to be a professional fashion designer in order to love your work and spend hours enjoying it. In case you plan on taking it up as a profession, you will have to put in a lot of effort but getting started on fashion designing as a hobby is not as difficult as it seems to be. Just keep in mind that the top designers also started from the bottom at some point.

Is it difficult to learn fashion design?

Your hobby of putting together outfits, patterns and designing beautiful clothes is a skill that can be refined if you read books based on fashion designing or join online design classes. If you are new to this hobby then these online classes can be of great help to you, as you will get to learn how to draw and cut patterns, sketch your ideas, create, fit and modify finished garments. Whenever you have spare time, you can practice sketching new designs, as it is the most important aspect of fashion design. Once you acquire this skill, you can start working on the next steps like choosing the right fabric and creating patterns. You can learn fashion designing at your own pace with these virtual design classes. Some courses even allow the users to download a sample lesson so that it is easy for them to decide. If you follow the learning process step by step, there is nothing that can stop you from creating stunning outfits and who knows you might even think of making it your profession someday!

Fashion design software is also an effective medium of learning design skills. It can guide you from the designing to the production stage. Such software has the process of pattern making, designing, cutting and production mechanized, so you will not have any problem understanding. With the help of software modules you can easily create initial designs with more accuracy. You can make minor changes to the final designs and even add features besides your innovative ideas.

Books based on design techniques and various other fashion design aspects are also available in the market. These come in the form of classroom textbooks and reference books as well. If you don’t have a computer at home, you can use these books for learning fashion design techniques. Fashion design books cannot only help you learn the theoretical information, but you can also get acquainted with practical tips about the nuances of fashion designing.

Essential fashion supplies:

Whether you pursue fashion design as a career or hobby, your love for fashion, understanding of styles and trends and skills to sketch your own ideas for creation of prototypes will be the most essential requirements. It is considered to be a very glamorous profession; however, you will have to put in some hard work if you want your design to be good. To get a more professional feel, you need to have a proper selection of fashion design supplies such as rulers, pattern masters, setsquares with engraved markings and French curves. Pattern master, used to cut patterns, is available in the market in various sizes. For coloring the designs you need to buy high quality sticks of charcoal and pastel colors. To make chalk lines at the cloth’s hem length, you will require hem maker. Some of the other fashion design supplies include grader ruler used to measure curves, fashions scale with curves used for making necklines, sleeves and armholes. You will also require a fashion tape if you plan to fix the outfit you have designed on the dress stand. Since you are an amateur, non-water soluble pencils can be used for outfit designing. Tailor bust form is also an essential supply as it helps in making samples and cutting patterns. If you have a spare box or case at home then use it for keeping your patterns, sketches, incomplete garments or fabric pieces in it. Price of these fashion supplies vary to a great extent so, try to find good quality affordable supplies so that your designs look as good as you desire.

Since you will be working at home, you can set your own schedules and keep on trying new designs and fabrics, unlike professional designers who have to deliver designs within a specified deadline. Fashion designing like many other hobbies is a gradual process and you need to invest your time and effort if you want to attain perfection in what you do. For more information on how to pursue fashion design as a hobby you can visit the following links:

Fashion Design

Fashion is quite literally everywhere you set your eyes on, let it be the people you come across walking on the roads, working in their companies and hell, even in the circuses. Well, the circus thing may be a bit too much but you get the picture. The designs of the clothes that you witness the clowns wearing during their performances may be a bit over the top. But who knows, somewhere down the line, you may actually witness (not the clown mind you) the same design on any of the fashion shows that they might put up. Ironic isn’t it? But that’s exactly what fashion designing is all about, creating something unusual, eccentric, out of this world. Really, is fashion designing all that and more? The answer to this question is a simple “NO”. Fashion is not something crazy or warped up to be presented to the world/customers and make it look sophisticated. On the contrary, fashion design is nothing but an artwork. If you consider yourself as something quite exceptional when it comes to designs and sketches and at the same time want to make people look stylish and carry off a look quite distinct from others, then fashion design is the perfect hobby for you.

So what exactly is fashion designing all about, does it only include cutting and ripping some clothes apart, a little bit of stitching here and there and VOILA!!! Nope, that’s not how the fashion industry works, there is a whole lot of work involved that you could hardly even imagine. First thing that you have to remember is that even as a hobby, fashion design is bound to get you noticed. But it would be senseless to expect any of your creations to be cat walking on the runways of Milan on your first day itself (Oh!!! How we all wish that…..). there are so many people out there who simply design clothes just for a hobby and end up becoming entrepreneurs starting out by selling their products on EBay. I mean lets admit it; fashion designers are not born with scissors and threads in their hands. Like us, they too start off by making sketches on a paper and with a lot of trial and errors; manage to come up with the perfect design, which gives them their “big break” they always dreamt about in the first place.

But one thing that you have to get straight right away is that fashion designers don’t just apply their art on clothes but they also showcase their talents by designing accessories. Fashion designing may sometime require you to get some influence from the cultural and social society you may live in. This article being a follow up to the previous will entail the various opportunities that might come your way if you take up fashion design as a hobby. The Internet could be your greatest asset as it will help you get an idea of what the current trends are, besides, you don’t want to be designing a clothing/accessory in a pre Victorian kind of way when the actual style out there….in the “real world” is more of a hip and punk style. So if you’re one of those people who knows just what exactly you’re going to do when it comes to fashion design, you can start off by displaying some of your designs on your website. You will actually find many designers out there who sell most of their products by online dealings only. This will also assist you in growing your business and also help you employ some people to give you a hand in the designing process.

Setting up your website will also help you out in enjoying the profits all for yourself which is usually seen otherwise if you rent out a place as a boutique or something. Besides, if you do well in the online fashion market, you can just as easily rent out a place then, which will simply help you to boost the sales of your fashion clothing and apparels. However, you should get the career prospects clear in fashion designing now itself. I mean, you could might as well be the leader in charge of supervising a designing team or simply work as part of the designing team. Whatever it is, it calls for you to be creative and think out of the box. You also have to understand how the fashion business works. All of this simply means that if you really start taking your hobby of fashion design seriously, you are bound to go places. So if you’re already geared up with the materials required to start out with, like, some fabric, a sewing machine and some drawing materials, it is time that you take the first step towards developing this hobby of fashion design by creating beautiful designs. This can be met by adopting unique but at the same time, elegant themes like tribal wear, fusion and western wear. This boils down to one fact and that is, by taking an interest in this hobby, you can even turn it into a career which could be really lucrative by making a name in the fashion industry.

Besides, starting off fashion design as a hobby is much safer because you will tend to be more imaginative with your designs bearing in mind the fact that fashion is not much different than a habit which is forever evolving which truly connotes the old saying, “Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.”