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Fishing is a great way to relax and get away on weekends. It is very popular in ability to be a exciting and challenging sport or a calming hobby. Starting out is very easy to do and depends largely on where you live and what is available in your area. This guide covers the two main fishing types of Deep Sea Fishing: Saltwater and Freshwater. Saltwater fishing includes both open water and pier fishing while Freshwater covers lake and river fishing. Also there is a special section on one of the most popular fish types: Bass Fishing.

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Fishing is the activity which involves catching of a fish. Fishing has been in practice for a long time now. Fishing is done using various techniques which includes hand gathering, spearing, netting, angling and trapping. Fish are normally caught in the wild.

Fishing is one of the main sources of food especially for fishing villages. Fishing is also a very useful source of employment and provides work to many. Fisheries and aquaculture provide direct and indirect employment to over 500 million people. In addition to providing food, modern fishing is also a recreational pastime. Moreover, fishing is also thought of as cultural as well as community identity.

Even in religion, fishing has a powerful influence. All major religions have had the effect of fishing. These include Buddism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism and Jainism. It is believed by Roman Catholics that the first Pope was actually a fisherman.

Fishing Equipment

If you are planning to go out for Fishing, you should equip yourself with following basic fishing equipment.

Fishing Rod: Without a fishing rod, fishing gear is incomplete. Fishing Rod is a kind of rod which is flexible and long and the length of fishing line is attached to this rod. A fishing rod is used with sinker, hook and line and is used for catching fish. At one end of the rod is bait attached.

Fishing rod is somewhat similar to fishing pole. A fishing pole is a simple stick or pole. The tip is attached with a line and to the other end a hooked bait or lure is suspended.

Modern fishing rods have a reel for line stowage and line guides. Commonly the modern fishing rods are made up of carbon fibre, fibre glass or bamboo. There are many different types of fishing rods which vary in size and length as well as the way they are used. Some of the different types of fishing rods are given below:

• Fly Rods: The rods are available in variety of sizes and length as well. The sizes are designed keeping in the mind the type of fish you will catch with it as well as the weather conditions; both wind and water. They are thin and flexible. Usually, you will find a hook attached with a light weight material.

• Light Fishing Rods: These rods are designed keeping in mind the small fish. Hence, the rod is used for baiting small fish. Typically, this rod is used for catching bluegill, panfish, trout and bass. The rod is short in length as well as light in weight.

• Spin Casting Rods: These rods are designed in order to hold the casting spin reel.

• Ice fishing Rods: These rods are used for catching fish through holes in a frozen lake, ponds or rivers. Hence, the rod is short spanning and has a length which varies between 24 inches and 36 inches.

Fishing Reel: It is used for deploying as well as retrieving fishing line with the help of a spool attached on an axle. Fishing reels are used together with fishing rod. Thus, fishing reel is another important basic fishing gear. Variety of fishing reels is available in the market.

Lines: It is a cord designed for fishing. Fishing done using lines and hooks is called angling. Nowadays, lines are made from artificial substances such as dyneema, polyethylene and nylon.

Hooks: It is used for catching the fish by either ‘hooking’ into the mouth of the fish or the fish body. Typically, a hook is attached to a lure device or a line. There are different types of fish hooks available which varies in size, design, material and shapes.

Sinkers/Weights: They are used for forcing the bait to sink more quickly or to increase the casting distance. A plain sinker is typically made up of lead. Sinkers can of any shape.

Fishing Baits: It is an object attached to one end of fishing reel. As the name suggests, fishing baits are used for attracting fish by casting it into the water. There are a variety of fishing baits available as well. Fishing bait can be Natural, such as worms, frogs and bait fish, or Artificial, such as plastic worm.

Floats: They are bite indicators which floats on the water surface. They indicate to the fisher that something at the end of fishing line, at hook, is happening. Floats are basically visual bite detectors.

How to ensure that you are buying the right equipment:

There are variety of rods and reels available in the market from which you can choose. The first thing you need to do is to do a little bit of research on your own. Make yourself familiar with the variety available and which rod or reel is used for what purpose. Remember, different rods and reels are designed to catch different types of fish. Hence, you should also find out the different types of fish (especially in the water where you will be fishing). You don’t want to end up with a wrong fishing rod which cannot catch the fish in the water where you tend to do fishing.

After you have found out the fish type and the appropriate rods and reels, keep in mind your budget. Rods and reels are most expensive of the fishing gears- second to fishing boat. You should purchase the one which is well within your budget. Also, make sure you know the amount of weight which they can withstand easily. You don’t want to try and handle a bigger fish which the rod is not capable of catching and end up hurting yourself in the process.

How to research:

It is simple. There are number of ways which you can adopt. The common ways of doing it are:

• CDs/DVDs

• Books

• Internet/Websites

Internet is considered to be the best as well as convenient way of researching. You will find all the related information in one place which can be accessed with a single click. Thus, you can easily do your homework and be able to find the right gear.

Where to buy:

You can buy the fishing equipment either from a local shop or over the internet. You will find a number of local shops or online shops which are selling them. Nowadays, most people prefer purchasing via internet. Internet is not only a convenient way of making a purchase but everything is in one place. You can easily shop around without actually having to step out of your home. With a single click you can get the price as well as description of a particular gear. Also, you can easily make a comparison of various price offers. You may even receive a discount if you purchase online. Moreover, your local shop may only be equipped with basic equipment and not the modern gear or doesn’t have the variety. But again you will only find this out if you shop around. From where you purchase depends on how you feel comfortable. It might be possible that you only feel satisfied with the quality if you see it ‘live’ before purchasing.

Fishing Techniques

There are many fishing techniques some of which are Hand fishing, Spearfishing, Netting, Angling, and Trapping.

How To Do Fishing - Beginner

The First thing you need to do is to choose the right location. Choose a point where fish is present. For this you can take look at local fishing reports in newspaper or ask around from marinas or fishing shops. Alternatively, you can also determine by throwing in baits at different points and wait to see.

Next is the equipment. Make sure you have the basic equipment. You should also have an idea about the fish you will be catching and buy hook and bait accordingly.

Once you are equipped with the fishing gear and determined the location, you should choose the method of fishing according to the water. Are you fishing in swift water, can be a small river or lake, or is the water movement not rapid? These are some of the questions you need to ask.

Now, you are ready to cast. Cast the line and wait for the fish to bite. Feed around the bait to attract fish much quicker. Be patient as catching a fish takes a lot of time. Wait for about 15 minutes and if still you haven’t caught a fish then start thinking of casting on someplace else.

As soon as the fish bite, you will notice a tug on the line. This is the time you should set the hook. For this all you need to do is to jerk backwards and up your fishing rod. If there is a fish, it will definitely struggle to get itself free resulting in line following the fish’s movements.

Now pull the fish by lifting and pumping your fishing rod in vertical direction. At the same time do reeling as well. Make sure that you are not using the reel for pulling the fish.

In order to take hold of the fish, use a net. If you plan on letting the fish go then you should keep in water but if you plan on eating the fish then you should take it out from the water as soon as possible.

Next task is to remove the hook. You should not tear it out. Instead, especially if you will be releasing the fish, back it out very gently. There are also hook removal tools which you may want to purchase and use it.

You must have already decided, before going out for fishing, whether you will be releasing the fish or eating it. If you are to cook it, then this is the time you should clean the fish.

There are you are done!! Go for another round of fish catching but make sure to check the line for any damages as well as put bait on the hook once again.

With a lot of practice and catching, you will be an expert in no time.

Fishing Tips:

Here are some beginners fishing tips which you may find a lot helpful:

• Before you go out for fishing, make sure you locate the areas in advance where fish is present. You don’t want to sit in water for hours only to find out there is no fish.

• The type of bait you use depends on the type of fish. Make sure you do some research in advance or alternatively you can experiment with different fishing bait, while out fishing, to find the right choice. Also, make sure you understand the behaviour of the fishes.

• The best time to go out for fishing is early morning or mid-evening.

• When you start fishing, initially throw in bait or feed approximately ten maggots or worms. You would want the fish to familiarize themselves with the bait.

• Even if the fish is not eating keep throwing but in small amount to get the fish’s attention.

• Attach the bait to the hook and as soon as it is pulled by the fish trying to eat it, strike.

• When you catch a fish, you should never tear out the hook instead use a hook remover.

• If you are fishing in the morning, it is advisable to use a plastic worm which is lighter in colour.

• Never overfill the spinning reel when you are refilling.

• When casting, try your level best that the lure lands without making much of a noise. Also, you should cast ahead of the target.

• You should use wrist while casting instead of shoulders and arms.

• Take clothing with you which is waterproof

• When you store the reels and rods, it should be in a dry, cool place. Also, make sure that you don’t place the rods against the walls as they will get wrap.

• Check for any rules and regulation for the area where you will be fishing. Is a license required?

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the most common form of leisure fishing?

Angling is the most common form which is done using a reel, rod, baits and hooks. In place of baits, lures may also be seen commonly.

How many types of Reel are available?

There are mainly two types: Center Pin type and Fixed spool. Fixed spool is the easiest to use and is an ideal choice for beginners.

I caught a fish and it is unconscious. What do I do?

For fish to regain consciousness, you should hold it in water in an upright position. Now, move the fish back and forth in the water to allow the water to run through its gills. When the fish starts struggling, let it go. Reviving may take some time so be patient.

How to release a fish?

You need to quickly release a fish. Let the fish stay in water and remove the hook quickly. Don’t let the fish get exhausted. Also, while removing avoid putting fingers in eye socket or the gills.

Is Fishing at Night a better option than Daytime?

Most of the predatory fish are more active at night so yes it is true to some extent. There are many species, active at night, which are worth fishing for.


Fishing is quite a peaceful and relaxing activity. It gives you the opportunity to be in the water and close to nature. Many fishers do it simply because it is challenging while others do it for peace of mind. No matter for which reason you are out there fishing, fishing is calming, therapeutic and fun to do. With a little practice anyone can become master at fishing and will be doing some serious catching in no time.