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Gardening entails the activity of growing plants in a certain area for the purpose of visual beauty, consumption, or even medicinal use. Most people commonly start in their own front of back yard and slowly work on developing their garden into what they want to achieve. It is a very entertaining hobby and something which can fill your life with great pleasure. Getting started is as easy as learning the basics and having an idea of how you want to get started.

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Gardening a Growing Hobby

If the need to pickup a very environmentally-friendly and ‘green’ hobby has come to mind, then it must be gardening time. Gardening is the practice of growing plants either for ornamental or food. A gardening effort can involve a plot as small as a windowsill or as large as a few acres. Gardening as a hobby can be an effective tool for stress management as well as providing food for the family and beauty as well. Many gardeners who start out usually do so with a smaller scale as in the backyard. Here they feel more comfortable and can make the usual mistakes that most if not all successful gardeners will do from time to time. In the end, gardening is a thrilling hobby and one that can be practiced for a lifetime.

Gardening Start-up Cost

Gardening as a hobby is one of the least expensive ones to start off with of all the outdoor adventures. For starters, one only needs a patch of dirt, some water and a few seeds. Of course this is a very small plot for gardening as a hobby yet it is where most of the master gardeners got their starts. The minimal cost of gardening makes it a perfect selection as a hobby and one that will give years of enjoyment and beneficial grocery items. The initial cost of gardening revolves around seeds or sprouts, or from cuttings of exist in more mature plant. Many novice gardeners create their first gardening effort from scratch and use the seeds or tops of vegetables and fruits as beginning plantings. To understand gardening as a hobby it is important to realize that there are some minimal cost involved yet none that should break the bank. The average cost of a backyard garden for starters would be under $100, easily. The main important factor to recall about gardening as a hobby is that it is labor-intensive and this is where the fun begins.

As mentioned earlier garden as a hobby is a minimal price and effort and here are the first starter tools that a novice gardener will need.

• Hand Shovel

• Spade

• Small Rake

• Watering Can

• Seeds or Cuttings

• Time

• Plot of Soil

• Compost Pile

That’s the short list for any beginning gardening hobby and will provide everything that is needed for the novice gardening effort. There are many different types of gardening tools and manuals and all sorts of seeds and cuttings that can be employed. With an entire world of choices for things to grow personal choice will be the only real limitation to gardening as a hobby. Many individuals that start out in gardening end up selecting either one type of plants over another. For example, there are gardeners that strictly grow only ornamental beautiful flowers for their fragrance and beauty. There are others that only grow vegetable gardens and do so for a reduction of the family food budget bill each and every month. In the end, it is up to the individual gardener as to what will be grown in their garden plot. The main factor is that any garden takes some time and patience to grow.


The practice of composting has been around since the earliest of gardening and presently has seen a return in both usage and exploration. Almost anything that is organic can be returned to the state in which it came.