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Ice Skating

Ice Skating can be a great hobby not only for people aspiring to be talented figure skaters, but also for people wanting to have fun on the weekends or afternoons.

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Good Luck and Have Fun!
Duncan Davis



Ice skating is the skill of moving over the ice using ice skates. Ice skating is done on ice rink. An ice rink is a frozen body of water where people can skate or play winter sports. Skates, typically, have single blades. Ice skating is considered to be a tremendous sport and recreational activity with no age group restriction. It has been seen that large group of people has false approach regarding this sport. They consider it to be a dangerous sport but by paying a little attention one can be a master of ice skating.

A trained, professional skater have a firm grip over ice skating and can perform various complex moves on ice whereas a beginner skater is most likely to fall flat on ice more often than doing skating.

Ice skating can be done for many reasons. It can be for leisure purpose, sports, or even travelling. Ice skating can be of different types such as figure skating, ice hockey or speed skating, Rousette skating and Synchronized skating which are all part of Olympic sports. Ice skating can be done on artificially prepared ice tracks or on naturally occurring frozen bodies such as a frozen river or water. The artificial tracks can be indoor as well as outdoor.

Ice Skates

Having most popular entertainment sports games like ice hockey , ice dancing and figure skating, ice skating has earn immense popularity all around like a wild jungle fire. Ice skates are the most basic equipment needed for doing ice skating.

What is an ice skate? They are boots having sharp blades connected to its bottom that helps a person to propel on an ice surface. Bottom of an ice skate contains a hollow crescent design two immense sharp edges. Radius or dept of hollow is of numerous sizes depending upon the following elements:

1- Weight of skater

2- Strength of skater

3- Ability of skater

4- Style of sport

5- Nature of sport (type of skating).

Skates like touring skates and speed skate don’t have bottom which is hollow, that enables the person to make a smooth slide but they are unable to cut ice with ease.

Following are the few types of ice skates:

1- Figure skate

2- Recreational ice skates

3- Speed skates or racing skates

4- Hockey skates

5- Bandy Skates

Types of Ice Skating

There are numerous types of ice skating that includes Ice Figure Skating, Ice Speed Skating, Tour Ice Skating and Ice Hockey. Skating is a professional sport as well as hobby that have need of expertise to become an expert and to slide with ease on ice sheet.

People having passion and love for this sport are mainly seen participating in the following two categories:

a- Figure skating

b- Hockey skating


Tour Skating

Tour Skating is a sport and recreational form of long distance ice skating on natural ice.


Speed Skating

Speed Skating or speedskating is a competitive form of ice skating in which the competitors race each other in traveling a certain distance on skates.


Figure skating

Is a sport (Olympic ) that involves an individual, set of performers or even a pair who perform various moves of spinning, foot , jumping and couple of other attractive and challenging stunts on sheet of ice. There are number of levels ranging from beginner level till Olympic level. It also involves variety of competitions at international, national and local scale. All competitions and judging of figure skating on international scale is done by ISU (international Skating Union). Moreover it is a must event of Olympic Games conducted in winters.

Following are the major international competitions that are authorized by international skating union:

1- ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating.

2- European Figure Skating Championships.

3- World Championships.

4- Winter Olympic Games.

5- World Junior Figure Skating Championships.

6- Four Continents Figure Skating Championships.

Figure skating falls in four main branches i.e. Synchronized Skating, Ice Dance, pair skating and individual or single skating.

Synchronized Skating: A group of 12 to 20 skaters are involved in performing synchronized skating. These skaters then perform various techniques all together with music playing in the background. The basic formations include wheels, blocks, lines, circles, and intersections. The close formations and need for the team to stay in unison add to the difficulty of the footwork performed by the skaters in these elements

Ice Dancing: Ice Dancing is just like doing ballroom dancing. In this skaters are allowed or can skate foxtrots, tangos, waltzes or any type of dance they want to. These dances can be performed individually or with a partner. Make sure while performing not to lift your partner above your shoulder. Ice dance differs from pairs in focusing on intricate footwork performed in close dance holds, in time with the music.

Pair Skating: It is a type of free skating in which two skaters, i.e. lady and a man, girl or a boy skates, and performs number of foot works, spins and jumps. Pairs perform singles elements in unison as well as pair-specific elements such as throw jumps, in which the man `throws` the woman into a jump; lifts, in which the woman is held above the man`s head in one of various grips and positions; pair spins, in which both skaters spin together about a common axis; death spirals; and other elements. They lift and spins each other to make their performance more attractive and touching.

Single Skatin: The most well know form of figure skating is known as single skating in which an individual performs. The workout he or she performs could be anything i.e. spinning, jumping or mixture set of various moves.

Hockey skating

Hockey skating is way more forceful, speedy as compared to figure skating. The speed in hockey skating depends upon two key elements that includes Foot speed and Skating power (skills). Hockey skating may involve many injuries so make sure while playing it you wear helmet as if your head strike the ice you won’t get hurt. Wear proper gloves as if while playing you fall down and other player by mistake step on your hand your figure won’t get damage from the sharp blades.

Effective Ways to Learn Ice Skating:

1. Look for suitable skates: Make sure the skate you buy ideally fit you as it is very much necessary to comfort your feet. Keep that in mind that while purchasing skate you check both the shoe by wearing them. Difference in the size of both feet can create problem while skating so if you check the size by wearing them at the time of purchasing it will make you clear to buy this or not. So select that shoe that ideally fits to both feet and you feel easy in them. There are various expensive brands available but if you are a beginner, it is advisable to go for rental skate shoes.

2. Try to walk: Skating rinks mostly have rubber matting for you to walk on. You should walk around on this matting in order to learn to keep the centre of gravity maintained. Make sure that you have your skate guards on.

3. Try to get and move on ice: Initially, you should get familiar with the ice and how it feels by holding the wall and walking around rink’s edges. You need to keep yourself relaxed and should know good techniques if you want to skate well. By walking around you will be able to learn to support your ankle as well as get used to the ice friction.

Initially, you should get familiar with the ice and how it feels by holding the wall and walking around rink’s edges. You need to keep yourself relaxed and should know good techniques if you want to skate well. By walking around you will be able to learn to support your ankle as well as get used to the ice friction.

4. Become skilled at keeping or sustaining your balance: In order to learn how to balance, grasp both of your arms at a level below to your shoulders. After this, lean the knees and bend forward. It will be very good if you do this without any support. If you are facing problem in maintaining balance without any support, use walls as a support.

5. Do crouch: You should stand straight up with your feet kept at hip distance apart. Your arms should be in front of you. After this, with slight squat find the centre of balance. Keep on repeating till you are comfortable. After this, you should squat down a little further until your knees start bending. All this time make sure you are looking forward.

6. Falling during practice: It is obvious while practicing, you will fall several times. Make sure you get succeed in pulling your arms out resulting in a safer fall else it can lead to many injuries including knee, wrist and many more.

7. How to stand up: If you fall, make sure while you are getting up to stand put your knees and hands on to surface. Put one foot in between the hands. Do the same with the other foot. It will make you to stand with much ease and perfection.

8. Move toward forward: Make you weak foot to bend, then with the help of other feet make a push outwards that direction diagonals. This will make you to move forward. After you achieve succeed, perform the same move with your other foot so that you can be able to move with the help of both feet.

9. Along with big strokes try also to glide: While doing stroking make sure you give an extra push or pressure to your ankle or toe this will boost your speed and with make you quicker. Try to lean the knees as much as possible and with the strokes move your body.

10. Learn to stop: For stopping, one skate should be placed behind you with toe facing away. Now, drag it gently behind till you reach a complete halt. Doing this will put all your balance on one foot only so make sure that you do a lot of one foot skating practice in order to master this technique.


1. Never look down to the surface while you are skating. If you do so your concentration will be distracted and you can collide with the corner wall of the ice ground.

2. If you are a beginner get old or rental skates, if you are a master in it you can buy various expensive skates.

3. Tie the skates in a proper way. Otherwise a perfect skate can’t help you to make it done with perfection.

4. Make sure while practicing it, you warm up your body to avoid injuries.

5. Have some training classes in order to learn.

6. Never bend on you back if you are a beginner, it will result in sever back injuries.

7. Never stop practicing as there is no end to perfection.


What do I need in order to Skate?

To skate you will need to have a proper pair of ice skates and some warm clothing. If you have these two you are good to go. If you are a beginner it is recommended that you rent a pair of skates instead of purchasing new one because with time, training and experience ice skating needs will change and you will eventually need to buy a new but a different type of pair.

What is the proper clothing needed for ice skating?

Clothing depends upon where you plan to skate. If you are to skate indoors, then typically the temperature will be around 50 to 60 degrees but if you are to skate outdoor than keep in mind that temperature will be colder. Make sure to wear layers. The clothing should be comfortable and you should be able to move easily. Do wear gloves as well but not thick or heavy socks as they become a problem. Also, if you are a beginner make sure to wear a helmet.

I am a beginner, should I prefer hockey skates or figure skates?

For a beginner, it doesn’t matter which skates you wear. You can learn the basics of skating on any of the skates.

What should I keep in mind when purchasing skates?

Make sure that your skates fit properly. No room should be there for extra boots. When you were skates, make sure that the toes are able to wiggle. Also, once you have tied the laces the heel should not be able to slide down or up. Finally, make sure that the maximum support is at the ankle.


Ice skating can be a lot fun to do. Once you have learned and become an expert in ice skating, you will then know how much exciting as well as relaxing this game is. Once you start skating you will not be able to stop yourself. You will want to skate all day on the ice, not necessarily doing some special moves but simply gliding on ice.

Ice skating has a got a lot of variety and techniques which one can learn. In order to learn, one may need a help of a professional. After having received proper training, you will need to practice a lot in order to master a technique and be able to do it comfortably. You can then even go out and compete or simply do it as a recreational activity.