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Magic Tricks

Learning how to do magic tricks is a great way to entertain and amuse people as well as finding a cool hobby for yourself. Many magic tricks are very easy to learn and can be very impressive to the casual observer. Magic as they say is just an illusion, complex or simple its all about diverting attention and the like. Getting started is easy as many items necessary to get started are available in your own home. Start practicing with easier tricks and progress onto harder tricks as time goes by.

Below is a terrific introductory article where you can learn the basics and how to get started. You can help grow our learning community by contributing your knowledge to the article. Just click on the edit tab in the wiki article below.

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Good Luck and Have Fun!
Duncan Davis



The first thing that we think of when we hear the word magic is simply “Abra Cadabra” and “Shazaam” which is good by the way. I’m sure many of you guys might have considered performing a trick or two to impress your friends or something like that. But hey, aren’t you supposed to know how to perform a bit of magic trick for that? So if you’re all pumped up to learn how to perform a magic trick, you can take it up as a hobby you know. Besides, it’s not like everyone who knows magic HAS to run and join the circus. So yeah, taking up as magic as a hobby could be quite worth your time, when you’re not doing anything important that is. Lets face it, you’ll be a hit at the parties when you show off some of your skills. And all that depends how passionate you are about pursuing this hobby. You should not have any difficulty in choosing the right kind of trick to learn because quite frankly, there are millions of tricks out there you can choose from. Besides, all you need is some props with you and voila, you’re all set up as the great Houdini himself.


Why Learn

This might as well be the best hobby out there for your kids for the simple reason that they are easy to learn and the word “tricks” is like the magic word that will keep your kids and even adults glued to this marvelous hobby. Lets admit it, unlike other hobbies that need the person to be careful and also a lot of practice, magic isn’t the same now is it? It hardly requires any practice or any preparation of any sort. Now when we talk about magic, the first thing that you have to understand is that this ain’t the real magic like the one you must have heard in fables. Lets leave the magic of Merlin aside for this time and make it clear that what we are talking about is nothing but simple illusions, simple tricks, that is all. No black magic involved in this hobby, although you might want to make your audience believe that the “truth is out there”. So what are the different kinds of magic out there that you can specialize in? Lets see, there are the three Ps, i.e., Production, Penetration and Prediction. The 2 Ts, Transformation and Teleportation and of course, Vanishing, Restoration and the “Oh so Famous”, Levitation.

Let us see what each of these categories have to offer us shall we? In case of the Production tricks, all the magician has to do is produce something out of nowhere. This is a trick that is quite contrary to the Vanishing act. A well-known example would include pulling a bunny out of your hat, removing a dime from any of the participant’s ear, etc. This trick is surely made to stir some eyes in surprise. In case of the Vanishing act, all the magician has to do is take something and poof!!! Simply make it disappear right from underneath the participant’s nose without them even being aware of this. This is a trick that is totally the opposite of the Production trick. One famous trick would include presenting an empty box to your participants and then at the snap of your fingers, revealing that your assistant was in there all along. Then of course there is the trick so that you get to experience the “awe” of little children, making a dove disappear from under a cloth.

Different Tricks

How can we even forget the Transformation act that we are so much intrigued by on so many occasions? In this trick, the magician has to change something into something totally different, like changing an object from one part to another. This is nothing but a combination of the Vanishing and the Production acts. Changing a color of your hanker chief is a well known trick in this respect. Another trick to add on to the mystery of your performance would include letting a participant choose a card from an entire deck which is totally undisclosed to you and then later presenting the same card that the participant had chosen in the first place. Oh yeah, that’s just a bit freaky but hey, that’s exactly the stuff that magic is all made of. Then comes the Restoration trick in which the magician asks for the participation of the audience. He may call one participant to the stage and may be destroy his watch or something like that only to reveal that object in its undamaged form quite to the surprise of the participant and to the cheers of the audience. You can also tear a piece of paper into 4-5 pieces and reveal it in its original form to your audience. And, then there is the one that is Oh so popular. By sewing the box with your assistant in it and reattaching the box only to reveal your assistant pop out of the box like nothing ever even happened.

The Levitation trick is one trick that involves a lot of trickery on your part so that your audience never sees through it. This is nothing but creating an illusion so that the object or even yourself appear to be floating in mid air. One famous act that quite a few must have witnessed on television must be the one in which world renowned magicians David Blaine and Criss Angel hovered in mid air for several seconds quite to the astonishment of the onlookers. One thing that you have to remember is that they are street magicians and are very good at creating illusions. This means that it requires a lot of practice, unlike other tricks that you usually tend to come across like the common card and coin tricks. Floating a metal object in between your hands is perhaps the easiest of all the levitation tricks out there. The Penetration trick is one admired and performed by many magicians. This would involve a magician taking something like a sword and passing it through a box with his assistant in it with the assistant walking away from the act practically untouched.

So there, the different kinds of magic that you can all be interested in, what more of a hobby would you like? Who wouldn’t want to see the audience being captivated by the mysterious tricks of the magician and leave them asking for more? If you’re all set on doing that, then magic tricks is the perfect hobby for you.