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Movie Memorabilia

Collecting memorabilia from your favorite movies or actors is a terrific way to keep a part of the movies for yourself. Although many people begin to collect movie memorabilia for the pure fun and joy, many items end up becoming very valuable. Starting out can be as easy as going to premiers, movie trade shows, and other events to get actor and director signatures. All you need is a photograph or shirt where they can sign and a sharpie. It is also helpful to take a picture and take to a licensed company for authentication.

Some of the pieces available can be pieces of wardrobe, signed pictures, movie props, and film stills. There isn`t a very large amount of movie memorabilia for sale so your best bet is to stay current and check constantly for pieces popping up in ebay and other stores. Just be sure to check the authenticity of products sold by checking the certificate of authenticity and what company emitted it.

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Movie memorabilia collection is not only a fun hobby, but it can also be an effective way to own a piece of movie history and sometimes a good form of investment too. No one would have though back in 1932 that a one sheet poster of the movie “The Mummy” would sell for 453,500 US dollars. There can be several reasons behind pursuing this hobby. You can do it for pure sentimental value and capture the memories of a particular movie that you loved watching. It can help you bring back a lot of personal memories like your first experience of watching a movie in the theater, the first movie with your wife or an actor whose performance moved you immensely. By hanging the poster of that movie in your room or collecting a memorabilia, you can live the memory all over again, as you grow old. Sounds interesting? If the answer is yes then read on for more useful information on how to get started with this wonderful hobby.

Movie memorabilia collection-an interesting hobby:

There are many people all over the world who have taken up this hobby to express their passion for movies and stars. Some don’t even hesitate in spending their income to buy an expensive movie memorabilia. You can collect anything from posters, props and costumes to star autographs and postcards of your favorite movies. Many movie lovers even have a library where they have kept books pertaining to movies of past and present and autobiographies of famous stars. You don’t always have to spend in order to show your love for movies. You can collect anything related to the movie or a star that you feel is valuable, sentimentally if not financially. The concept of collecting memorabilia of movies started with things like photographs, autographs and industry magazines. Today, it is an internationally recognized community of serious collectors.

Types of movie memorabilia you can collect:

Lobby cards

Movie posters


Still photos


Movie props


Press kits and press books

Glass slides


Storyboard, original art concept and script

Industry magazines

Commercial collectibles

Any kind of promotional material like caps or t-shirts

Movie memorabilia as a hobby!

Being able to keep a part of your favorite movie in your room or getting your t-shirt autographed by your favorite movie star is something incomparable. You don’t have to worry about starting with this hobby because it is as simple as visiting movie trade shows, premieres or any other event for getting collectibles or autographs from actors and directors. Just don’t forget to carry a camera, autograph book and a pen before visiting any such event. Who knows, a movie poster you bought 50 years ago can fetch you a few thousand dollars, if you wish to sell it.


Steps to start your collection:

Thanks to millions of movie memorabilia collectors, stars like Charlie Chaplin, Marlyn Monroe and many others will always be alive. There can be no better way of becoming the greatest fan of your favorite stars by collecting their autographed postcards, scripts and costumes. Even though this hobby is very interesting you need to do it the right way so that your efforts and money is not wasted. The first thing you need to do is provide a theme to your collection. Start with things that you are interested in, like musicals, film noir or silent movies. In case you like movie posters your collection can be built around Oscar winners or foreign films. Collection of Disney artwork and cels is perfect for animation lovers. One you have decided on a theme you can start your research on it because if you are well informed about the history of an item you will be able to make a good investment.


Where to look for movie memorabilia?

You can get a good selection of movie memorabilia at online retailers, auction websites, estate auctions and sales and collectors’ shows. In case you want something specific, place an ad in movie related publications. One of the best methods of determining the value of an item you come across in a swap meet or estate auction is to search for similar memorabilia on the Internet. On eBay you will find “Completed Listings” to look for prices of items sold recently. Try to find out how the seller obtained the item you are willing to buy. Sometimes the worth of an item increases due to personal stories and owners. Always make sure that your purchase is authenticated. Sometimes items like animation cels come with an authenticity certificate and prints, genuine figurines and sculptures carry lot numbers.

Points to remember:

Whether you have an expensive movie memorabilia or a simple poster, make sure that it is safe and taken care of. Very old posters must be kept away from acids and moisture because it can damage the print. You can either get the postcards or posters framed or keep it in acid free clear bags. A professional framer must do the framing and a complete archival process should be followed from the start to the finish.