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Music Memorabilia

Collecting a piece of history from your favorite band can be very fulfilling, whether you collect signed cds and posters from today`s top bands, or find and purchase signed records and unique items from the great bands of the 60`s and 70`s. Starting a collection can be as easy as arriving before or staying after a bands concert with a copy of your cd and a sharpie.

Although many people collect these pieces for the pure joy and sentimental value, many times these pieces end up having a lot of value. Over time many unique and authentic collectible pieces can rapidly appreciate in value, as a original Led Zeppelin t-shirt can fetch a couple hundred dollars. There are a wide range of music memorabilia which you can find, from replica posters and t-shirts, to original concert tickets and wardrobe.

Ebay is a great place to find bargain collectors pieces, though beware about the items authenticity. When buying a valuable collectors item it is important to investigate if the item has a certificate of authenticity and if it was emitted by a reputable company.

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Music memorabilia collection is considered to be an extremely gratifying hobby for any music lover as they get to surround themselves with something more than just the music of their favorite bands. Music is said to have healing effects and it can ease a person who suffers from psychological problems like depression, stress or anxiety. Besides being a hobby, collection of music memorabilia is also a part and parcel of any connoisseur’s life. Collectibles can include audiotapes, records and CDs from all over the world. The fun and satisfaction of having a memorabilia of your favorite singer or music band is incomparable. You can start collecting memorabilia for pure sentimental value, but with time it can also end up having a lot of value because authentic and unique music collectibles are growing in demand all over the world. So what are you waiting for? Want to show your love for music? If yes, then start collecting your favorite music band or singer’s memorabilia from today. For more interesting and useful information on getting started with this hobby, this article can be of help to you.

What can you collect?

If you also want to own a slice of fame then don’t worry because a huge market for entertainment memorabilia exists out there. All over the world, many music lovers pursue this hobby and nurture their collection like anything. It does not matter whether you like heavy metal, rock n roll, country music, rap or hip hop, music memorabilia collection can help you showcase your passion for music as an art and become a part of the admirer category who has always been fascinated and impressed with rare music collectibles. Music is one category under entertainment memorabilia and you can collect anything from concert t-shirts, concert ticket stubs, posters to anything that may be connected with a particular band or artist. It can even be a simple cap that was being sold at the concert venue. Autographed items from favorite singers, bands and instrumentalists have always been a very popular choice for music connoisseurs. You can either get signed covers of albums, signed posters, signed ticket stubs or even a signed instrument. If you manage an autograph from a famous star, it can fetch you a lot of value in the long run. It has also been considered as a good investment because the value of original autographed items can improve a lot when artists die, bands break up or times passes. Whether you sell these memorabilia or keep them with you forever, it will always stand as a reminder for people or music you have always liked or loved. This hobby can be the perfect way of indulging in buying or collecting something on your own, as a reminder of how great a music band or artist was or is.

How to get started:

It can be a great feeling to put up posters, frame t-shirts, preserve ticket stubs or play an instrument that has been signed by a famous or your favorite singer or band member. This collection hobby is not difficult to pursue and all you need is love for music and knowledge on your favorite stars. If your favorite rock band is having a concert in your city, and you are going to watch it, don’t forget to keep the ticket stub in your pocket or buy a cap or t-shirt being sold at the venue. In case you manage to get your t-shirt autographed by a band member, you will be one of the luckiest music memorabilia collectors! But if you want to collect memorabilia of singers who are no more or bands that broke up, there is nothing to worry. Thanks to the popular Internet auction websites that make it easy for the collectors to get their hands on memorabilia they always wanted. Whether you want an autographed instrument by Beatles or an autographed poster by the Spice Girls, there is something for every music lover. But before you start your collection, it is essential to educate yourself about the types of memorabilia and how to start collecting:

Types of music memorabilia:

Records: these can be autographed, rare and out-of-print LPs

Instruments: mostly you can get guitars or tambourines

Concert items: these may include poster programs, photos and ticket stubs

Autographs: Artists often sign many different items

Clothing: t-shirts and jackets

Novelty items: lunchbox, badges, and toys

It is very important to conduct a research for items you are willing to buy. Take out some time in order to get an idea about the value of that item in the market because there is no point in overpaying for something that is not genuine. If you are buying collectibles through online auctions, take help from third party authenticators, as they will be able to guess whether an item is worth buying or not. Make sure that the item you have bought has an authenticity certificate by a reputable company.

Points to remember:

To make your work easy you can determine the type of collection you are looking for, choose a genre, narrow down your focus to a particular band or artist and then start bidding. Once you have the item with you, ensure its safety and take good care of your collection.