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Parkour - Freerunning

Parkour is activity of moving throughout a urban / rural setting with a series of movements as quickly and efficiently as possible. The best way for you to understand it is actually looking at actual parkour videos that we have on our how-to videos tab above. Free running is very similar to Parkour but places more emphasis on the creative style when moving through the environment.

Below is a terrific introductory article where you can learn the basics and how to get started. You can help grow our learning community by contributing your knowledge to the article. Just click on the edit tab in the wiki article below.

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Duncan Davis


Definition of Parkour

Parkour (also known as PK or free running), is the physical hobby of being able to overcome any obstacle in your path by adapting your movements to the environment. This hobby originated in france and is about moving around objects in the most efficient form possible.

Movements in Parkour

The different Parkour movements are running, jumping, vaulting, climbing, balancing, and quadrupedal movement.

Making a start in the world of Parkour

A lot of different aids and advice have been made available for people who are ready to take their first step in the world of Parkour or free running. A lot of video recordings are available which show people performing many dangerous stunts and jumps. The two main benefits which can be achieved by becoming an avid practitioner of Parkour is that the overall speed and efficiency of the person will undergo a large amount of dramatic improvement. The speed at which a person will travel from one point to the next will change to a large extent. A lot of similarities exist between Parkour and free running. However movements like ‘flips and spins’ which involve a lot of aesthetics will be seen in free running. These moves will be absent in Parkour. There is no specific path which needs to be followed for people involved in free running. There are many people who are actively involved both in Parkour as well as free running.

Any person who would like to train for Parkour should make sure that he is in a physically fit condition. The person should not be suffering from any kind of health problems during Parkour training. The body of the person should not be maneuvered in any manner which could result in any kind of dangerous consequences for the health of the person or prove to be fatal. This could decrease the rate of improvement of the person during the process of Parkour training.

There are many different methods which can be adopted in order to undergo the process of training for Parkour. It is always better to adopt the older and more original methods of training in order to achieve the best possible results within a reasonable time period. These methods are less stressful and hence more enjoyable for the person who is undergoing training. The basic methodology involved in this kind of training is when a point in the distance is selected and the trainee should adopt all possible measures in order to reach that point.

A slow and steady pace should be adopted initially in order to reach the specified point. Different methods and routes should be traced which will help the person to reach the destination. The creation of these routes will help the person to gain a clear and much better understanding of the overall area. Once the overall familiarity regarding the specified area starts increasing, the speed of the person who is undergoing training will also start increasing in a proportional manner.

As the speed keeps increasing in a slow and steady manner, the level of difficulty for the person will also start decreasing. He will be able to navigate all over the specified area and overcome all the available obstacles within a short period of time. Some people will be able to exhibit a large amount of progress within a few hours or days after they start training for Parkour. But some people will have to undergo training for a few years before they are able to exhibit any signs of progress or improvement. But the rate of progress and improvement in any person will be dependent on many different factors like his individual capacity or capability. Any person who has decided to undergo training for Parkour should ensure that he does not lose heart and give up whenever he has to encounter failure. Every failure should be counted as a stepping stone on the path to success.

A person who has been undergoing training for Parkour for an extended time period will develop a certain individual style after a certain point in time. This will be the personal style of the person which will be dependent on the unique capabilities and capacity of the body of the person. This will enable them to overcome obstacles and find solutions to all problems in their own unique manner.

A lot of video clippings which can be found on the YouTube website on the Internet have propagated the notion there are certain specific tricks and moves which can be learnt by all beginners in the world of Parkour. Every person who is either a Parkour practitioner or who is undergoing training for Parkour will develop his own unique style and set of moves which will prove to be useful only for him. These moves will not prove to be useful to any other person who practices Parkour or who is interested in getting trained for Parkour. Hence people who are beginners in the world of Parkour should make sure that they do not rely too much on videos found on the Internet relevant to Parkour. This will also enable them to open up their minds and absorb all the elements of the training which is being provided by the instructor and understand them in the right manner.

Self exploration is one of the most important tools which will be involved during the process of Parkour training. The process of self exploration takes place when a person gets in touch with his inner self in order to gain a much better understanding of his ability and capacity. This will enable the person to get a better idea of the manner in which his body functions and how he can gain the maximum amount of benefit from his in-built talents. He can customize the training techniques in the required manner so that the process of Parkour training will take place in the right manner. New methods of training for Parkour can also be devised in this manner.

Parkour training in groups

Parkour training can also be conducted by the instructor by dividing all his disciples into small groups. Every group can consist of two to four people and this will also help the instructor in imparting training in the right manner. This will also help the instructor in devising new methods in using which the right kind of training can be given to the students. New styles can also be developed in this manner in order to increase the available opportunities.

This process of providing Parkour training by dividing people into small groups can prove to be extremely effective in the long run. This will prove to be beneficial to the instructor as well as the students. It will help the students to understand that the same set of techniques and methods cannot be used by every student. Each student in the class will have to develop his own individual techniques and methods in his own special style. But they will also be able to gain a better understanding of the different varieties and styles which can be developed by every individual who is undergoing the process of Parkour training. This will also help them in understanding the need to develop their individual techniques and style.

There are many instances when the instructor has to impart Parkour training to his students by dividing them into large groups. But this kind of training may not prove to be completely effective for the students. The instructor may not be able to provide the required amount of individual attention for every student and provide the right kind of guidance at specific points.

When the students have been divided into very large groups, they will not pay special emphasis to every obstacle in front of them and they will concentrate on overcoming all the available obstacles at any given cost without paying any importance to the method being adopted in order to overcome them. Every student who is undergoing Parkour training should definitely undergo the process of self exploration and self discovery in order to unearth his complete ability and potential. Only then it will be possible for the student to gain the maximum amount of benefit from the entire process of Parkour training.

Finding a Parkour training instructor

People who would like to undergo Parkour training should make sure that they get the right kind of instructor their training purposes. The instructor who is imparting the training should be qualified to prevent any kind of accident or injury which is likely to occur during the course of the Parkour training process. At the same time, the person should not completely depend on the knowledge and training which is provided by the instructor. They should try to train themselves to a certain extent. People who decide to completely depend on the training and knowledge provided by an instructor sometimes stand the risk of travelling on the wrong path.

A person who would like to undergo Parkour training should first conduct a certain amount of preliminary training regarding the subject of Parkour training. This will help them to understand the exact purpose which will have to be fulfilled when they recruit the services of an instructor. They will understand the qualities which they need to look for in a Parkour training instructor.

The popularity of Parkour training is increasing all over the world. A lot of people are making good use of this increasing popularity and they are advertising their services as a Parkour training instructor. People who do not have a proper understanding of Parkour also identify themselves as instructors with their surface level knowledge.

A knowledgeable and experienced instructor will ensure that he keeps himself updated about the latest developments in the field by attending outdoor sessions which are made available to people at no extra cost. The right kind of instructor will ensure that the process of training is started off on the right note and he will teach his student all the proper moves which are required for a beginner.

He should also ensure that the student is made aware of all the required safety tips and measures which will protect him at all times even after the process of Parkour training has been completed. The instructor will also initiate the process of self exploration and self discovery in the student. This will help the student in gaining a complete understanding of his inner self and his capabilities. A person who has realized his full potential will be able to devise his own methods and techniques and create his own individual style in this manner. A fake and fraudulent instructor will try to make the student follow the path which has been outlined by him and he will not encourage any form of originality.

A lot of people realize that they are following the wrong path long after they have started the process of Parkour training. Such people can decide to find a reliable instructor who will be able to orient them in the right manner so that they will follow the right path during the process of Parkour training. But the basic philosophy behind the process of Parkour training lies in creating a path which leads from one point to the next. This is something which will have to be remembered by all beginners as well as experienced veterans.

Precautions to be taken during Parkour training

People thinking of undergoing Parkour training should be aware of the level of danger which is involved in this kind of sport. They should avoid dangerous places like roof tops and hill tops. The progress made during the process of Parkour training should be slow and steady in order to ensure the right kind of improvement and results. This will also help them in gaining better control of themselves and their body. It will also help them in understanding their limits.

This form of control will also ensure that they do not endanger themselves or damage their surroundings. They should be aware of the kind of surface which is subject to easy damage and they should make sure that they avoid any such surface during the course of their training. The right kind of outfit and shoes will have to be procured before the process of Parkour training is started. The clothes which are worn during the process of training should be comfortable so that the body of the person is completely flexible. This will also help in achieving the right kind of flow which is a very important part of the process of Parkour training.