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Poker is not only a challenging game but very entertaining. One of the most popular card games around, poker makes for a great way to spend a relaxing night with your friends or family. There is a lot of skill and mental agility necessary to be successful and that makes the game all the more fun once you`re familiar with the texas holdem rules for home games and casino play. Below are great online resources for learning to play online poker, improving your game, and eventually playing with your friends or online.

Playing poker at home is one of the nation`s favorite hobbies. So much so, that the game has taken the web by storm. You can easily find a poker site that will help you master this legendary game of skill.

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Duncan Davis


It suddenly feels like the world is getting taken over by the game of poker. Though this is nothing new, there are a growing number of tournaments showing up. There are TV shows about how to learn to play poker and celebrity poker matches. Perhaps the popularity of the game has something to do with how quickly one can pick it up. It may also have to do with the great cash prizes that players can win if they master the game as well. This is a card game that people play in their homes, at tournaments for fun with friends, or at casinos. It’s easy to learn and makes for a fun card game, so it only makes sense that it’s been around for so many years.


There is a rich history to the game of poker though it is heavily debated. There are some ancient roots to it though modern officials on the game will debate if they are in fact accurate. Since this is such a popular and beloved card game, people feel very passionately about the roots of it and how it actually came to be. There is definitely history to it as it is believed that early versions were played as early as the fifteenth century.

However the modern interpretation of the game can be traced to the 1800s. It was reported that in 1829 a version was being played with a deck of 20 cards and 4 players betting which hand was more valuable. A few years later the full 52 card english deck was introduced and the different hand types were expanded.

The height of the game seemed to come about in the 1970’s. Around this time, people started to play in notable tournaments and poker as we know it today became a phenomenon. People went from playing it in their basements to finding tournaments locally that they could participate in. Then came the evolution of poker games at the casino and even online versions of the game, and it all seemed to really take off from there. Now you can’t seem to go through a night of TV without a poker tournament being on. You definitely can’t walk through a casino without seeing several poker games going on. This richly historical game has evolved into something that is very mainstream, very popular, and most definitely here to stay.

Different Types of Poker and Hands

Perhaps what makes poker so universally appealing is the fact that there are so many different types. This card game started out with just one type which is now known as straight poker. This is perhaps the easiest to learn and tends to form the basis for all of the other types. This game has been around for centuries and lends way to all of the different types out there. It seems that there is a type of poker that nearly everyone prefers and when one is selected as the game of choice, it tends to be that way for quite some time. The different types of poker are straight poker, stud poker, draw poker, and community card poker.

There seem to be tournaments turning up for just about every type of poker these days. The most popular type of poker in recent years has been Texas Hold-Em, as this is easy to learn and fun to create a tournament off of. As testament to the fact that there is so much interest in the various types of poker, you are seeing video poker turning up at casinos and bars everywhere. Many people find that once they master one type of poker it’s quite easy to pick up another type, but there always seems to be a strong preference. There’s plenty to choose from and that’s what makes this such a preferred and popular card game.


The good news is that there isn’t much equipment needed to play a game of poker. This is a relatively simple card game and therefore one that many people enjoy because it’s easy to set up for and play. All you really need to play a game of poker is:

Poker Chips: This is a main staple of the game because it is the essence of how bets are made. It’s important to have a full set of poker chips, and it may be wise to get an extra set just to have on hand. If you plan to hold a tournament, you may want to stock up on the poker chips just to be sure. You can find these at nearly any game supply store and they are even sold in superstores nowadays as this is such a common game of interest.

Cards: A standard deck of cards is required to play this game, though many will use two separate decks of cards depending on the type of poker being played. This is easy enough to find as almost every store sells decks of playing cards. It’s always best to have a couple of extra decks of cards on hand, just in case a card goes missing or you have many people playing at once.

Poker Table: Though this is certainly not a requirement, it’s a nice addition for a serious poker player. A simple card table can work, but if you plan on hosting tournaments or games often, a poker table makes it feel much more authentic. This mirrors what you would see in a casino and gets people into the right frame of mind. You can find poker tables at game supply stores and anywhere that you might buy card game equipment

Dealer Button: Though you can make the game of poker work without a dealer button, it sure adds to the fun and authenticity. This is an essential part of the game as it ensures that the cards are dealt right and the game plays through. This and many other poker accessories can be found in game supply stores or online through a variety of gaming sites.

How and Where to Learn

Different Hands

The great news for those that are new to the game is that it’s not only easy to learn, but there are various ways to do so. Though poker has always been a rather popular card game, it has grown exponentially it recent years and that means that it’s very accessible. You can learn from a friend, take a class, or get involved in an actual game. It all depends on your ability to pick up card games and how serious of a player you want to become.

You may learn how to play by watching a friend or seeking help from one who really knows what they are doing. This is how many people learn, as it’s easy enough to pick up. Be sure that the person you are learning from really knows what they are doing so that you are aware of all of the rules and start off on the right foot. It may be recommended that you play with an open hand and try the game out yourself to get the feel of it as you go along.

Consider taking a class if you want to really master the game and play seriously. You can find classes at a local community center type of establishment. Some casinos or gaming centers will even offer classes on how to play poker. In this instance you may get to play at an actual poker table and learn firsthand how the game is played. These classes are usually offered at an hour where the casino is not busy, so as not to interfere with actual playing. This can be an ideal way to learn because you get the actual poker experience without the stress of playing on your own the first time. You may have a minimal cost for the class or just have to pay for a set number of poker chips up front.

There are even videos you can rent or find online that teach the fundamentals of the game. This is a great way to learn how to play because you can go at your own pace and really let everything you are learning sink in. The only downfall to this method is that you aren’t actually playing against others or mirroring the actual poker experience, but it may work for some who learn well using such a method.

How It Works and Card Hands

Though the rules are quite simple for the game of poker, it’s always important to understand how it works. When you see poker at play and you are a novice or have never played, it can seem a bit intimidating. There are some important things to understand about betting as that can really make or break your game. You want to really learn how to play your game face here because if you can master the art of bluffing, then you can really get far in this game.

To the right you can see the different hands that you can achieve. They are listed from top to bottom in order or importance. Ie a straight beats a one pair

There is much to be gained in this game of betting because if you know what you’re doing and understand how to read people the right way, then you can win the pot and walk away with a nice little chunk of change. Take some time to absorb how the game works and really learn it inside and out because it can really benefit your playing. This is not only a card game, it also involves your ability to make good choices, read other people, and of course win through the best moves possible.

Tips and Tricks

There are many poker players out there who all have their own theories about what works well and what doesn’t. This is a game of skill but also one where you need to really focus on other people as well as yourself. The way that you play the game is only half of it because you need to be able to read others and contemplate what their next move may be. If you get the hang of it, you will be masterful and likely win some rather significant money. If you second guess yourself, then you may always struggle a bit with the game. There are some really easy but effective tips and tricks that can make your play better and make poker a much more enjoyable game for you overall. Here are some of the most tried and true tips and tricks in the game:

- Learn the Fine Art of Bluffing: Not only do you need how to bluff yourself, but you need to learn how to read it in others. This is beyond lying, because it’s really about putting on your game face and using it when it really counts. Practice this if you happen to be a bad liar because it can help you to win some money. Also be sure to figure out how to read the faces of your opponents because learning to detect a bluff can help you to win the hand and win the game. This comes with practice and with playing poker over and over, some signs are more obvious than others but you will find that you become pretty good at it.

- Know your competition and select your game carefully: When you sit down at the table to play a game of poker, particularly at a casino or in a tournament, you want to be very aware of your competition. It’s important to stake out those you are playing against because it can really have an impact on your game. Never play against only people who are better at you because this is not a time to challenge yourself with money on the line. Know who you are playing against and if you are at a casino, check out the table for awhile before jumping in.

- Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose: It sounds obvious, right? You’d be amazed however at how many players sit down to a table thinking that they will win and they come up short early on. Then you are either out very quickly or you are having to dig into funds that you don’t have available. Know what you have to work with ahead of time and then stick within that limit. This means you have to keep your bets low enough and be smart about the hands that you play

- Practice makes perfect: you’ve heard this old adage a thousand times, but it holds especially true in this game. It is a game of skill, a game of luck, and a game of great concentration. Get involved in tournaments whenever you can and practice amongst friends. This is one card game that you get better and better at the more time you spend playing it. Poker can be great fun and even quite lucrative if you learn the ins and outs and stick with it for the long haul.


Poker is a game that you can play for a lifetime. There are so many different variations of it and therefore it feels like there’s always something new to learn. It can be a really fun card game and you can make some good money off of it if you learn how to take it on well. This is a game of wit, of learning to read others, and of putting your best cards forward always. Whether you play at a friends’ house, in a casino, or at a tournament, you can really enjoy this card game of choice. It has been around for years, changed up a bit over time, but always remains a favorite card game which is fun for all. Learn some of the best tips and you could win it all. This classic card game will always be enjoyed by everyone and the great history to it only adds to the allure. Figure out what you’re doing and you could be onto a fantastic hobby that can make you some great money too!

Other Online Gaming Options

Sometimes after a good night of gaming poker players want to play other games from the comfort of their own home and the best way to do so is at one of the many reputable online gaming sites available.

There’s a lot of nice casino games available on these casinos such as craps, slots, roulette, keno & more as you can see at this internet casino portal which has detailed guides on all of these games.

If you’re ready to play then Casinoreef.com.au, another site we trust has given a very positive rating for Spin Palace which offers several multiple video poker games which is a great way to learn about the different poker hands.