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From the Greek word "of the soul - mental" comes Psychic, or a person who has an ability to perceive certain information outside the standard 5 senses. Many people have these abilities but do not have the experience or knowledge to take advantage of these potential skills. If you feel that you have the potential to develop these abilities I highly recommend that you do so by starting this hobby.

Below is a terrific introductory article where you can learn the basics and how to get started. You can help grow our learning community by contributing your knowledge to the article. Just click on the edit tab in the wiki article below.

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Good Luck and Have Fun!
Duncan Davis



Throughout history man has been fascinated with the ability to see into the unseen, know what is about to happen and communicate with beings and entities that are not found in physical form. In ancient and not so distant times entire cultures believed in the ability to have a psychic connection with angels, spirits, the deceased. Often older cultures tend to have a greater acceptance of psychic abilities while more industrialized and developed Western types of cultures tend to have less of an acceptance of the phenomenon. The study of the use of psychics in a variety of historical applications is a fascinating study starting in biblical times and proceeding through to modern rulers in the world.

Moving objects with the power of the mind, a category of psychic ability known as pscychokinesis or telekinesis, has likewise been highly controversial but has also been researched with some very interesting findings. In recent times modern technology and popular television shows and movies have further drawn attention to the psychic phenomenon in both positive and negative lights. Psychics often are very low key about their abilities and may choose to use their enhanced perceptions and intuitions for their own personal improvement and satisfaction as opposed to making their gifts and talents public.

Whether you believe in all forms of psychic abilities or just in the more common forms, there are ways to learn to be more observant of the visual and non-visual world around us. Enhancing your "sixth sense" can be a great activity that helps you in all types of things in your life. Practice and training can help individuals interested in this hobby to hone their skills and understanding of the techniques used. Some individuals within the field believe that everyone has some psychic abilities, it is just the willingness to open the mind that will determine if you can improve and enhance these abilities or not.

Categories Of Psychic Ability

There are different types of psychic ability, not all which are considered by all people to be true psychic events. Since this is not a defined science or practice most people with psychic abilities tend to be very accepting of working with others with different abilities. In general the major categories of psychic ability that are recognized universally include:

• Aura reading - Perception of the energy fields surrounding people, places, and things. Auras can also be captured on film with specialized cameras and the readings completed from the film image. This is commonly found at psychic fairs and psychic conventions and gatherings.

• Automatic writing - Writing content without conscious thought.

• Astral projection - An out-of-body experience where an "astral body" becomes separate from a body. Astral projection is not just a psychic event, it is also used in a variety of different religions and spiritual practices in Eastern countries. Astral projection is not a physical action, it only involves mental energy levels.

• Bilocation - Occupying two places at the same time.

• Biofield energy healing - Healing by sending energy.

• Clairvoyance - Perceiving things out of the known human senses. Clairvoyance is often seen as fortune telling or reading that is focused in on specific aspects of a person`s life.

• Death-warning - A vision of a living person before they die.

• Divination - Learning insights into a situation through a ritual. This ritual can include meditation, religious or spiritual practices, fasting rituals or other types of structured behaviors prior to the actual psychic event.

• Dowsing - Locate objects. Dowsing for water was very popular in the United States during the settlement of the west. Some people were considered to be expert at dowsing and had very high success rates in determining where underground water could be found even in barren desert types of areas.

• Faith healing - Diagnosing and curing diseases through faith.

• Mediumship - Communicating with the spirits dead person.

• Precognition, premonition, prescience, precognitive dreams, and second sight - Perceiving future events before they occur.

• Psychic surgery - Removing diseased body tissue through an incision that immediately heals.

• Psychokinesis or telekinesis - Manipulating matter, space, time or energy. This is perhaps the most common psychic ability in movies, television shows and in literature.

• Retrocognition - Seeing past events. Past live experiences or historical event recreation are all components of retrocognition.

• Telepathy, extrasensory perception through a sixth sense - also includes transferring emotions or thoughts.

• Transvection - Flying or Body levitation.

Psychic Reading Techniques

Most people that train or develop their psychic abilities focus in on one or more reading techniques if this is the type of psychic category they are interested in. There are some people who combine different types of reading, most commonly cartomancy, reading playing cards, and the practice of reading Tarot cards. Other combinations include rune reading and numerology or lithomancy, but each of these, as with Tarot and play card readings, are different in their techniques.

Learning how to provide readings is often completed by working with or studying under someone already proficient in providing psychic readings. A good place to find these individuals is at psychic fairs and conventions. Some psychics even offer the option of online mentoring and coaching, perfect for finding out about different techniques used in different cultures and areas of the world.

Below are the most common types of readings found in traditional types of psychic practices in North America. In Eastern countries you may find very diverse types of readings based on a variety of cultural and religious beliefs. Studying these types of psychic practices is a very interesting hobby on its own. Often people that learn the Eastern types of what we would consider psychic abilities study for years under mentors and elders that have refined and perfected their skills. Ascending to different levels or abilities within psychic categories is often a goal of these religions and spiritual movements. These types or readings are:



Cartomancy or Playing Card Reading

Distant readings

Lithomancy and crystallomancy


Palm reading


Rune reading

Tarot reading

Psychic Training Options

Psychic training is not something that is uncommon, there are groups, institutes, organizations and academies that offer virtually any type of psychic training you are interested in pursuing. As with any type of mental exercise most programs start with a good development of an understanding of yourself, including your thoughts, biases and opinions. Meditation is one training practice that is used almost universally in helping learners and students to clear their minds of all outside thoughts and focus their mental energy.

Many people involved in psychic training programs stress that psychic ability is more about the knowledge of the flow of energy through the universe than it is on any specific technique or category of psychic activity. Their belief is that all elements of this world and all other worlds, dimensions or planes share the same energy. Opening your mind to watching the pattern of the energy through the system allows you to see deeper insight into the event, activity or situation. Seeing into the future, often referred to a clairvoyance or fortune telling, is simply an extension of the energy patterns along the pathways in the world.

This projection or clairvoyance works because in training students learn to watch for the interconnectedness of all the energies of life. This can include animals, plants, the earth itself as well as all the people that inhabit this planet. This is not too different than many of the Eastern religious and spirituality. The study of yoga, chakras or energy centers in the body, meditation, structured exercises such as the 8 Golden Treasures Brocade and other structured breathing and controlled movement activities are all essential in developing this ability to sense energies around you.

Once the learner, especially in structured types of classes and trainings, has mastered the ability to sense internal energies and is open to the ability to see patterns of energy or spirituality within the world around them then other types of training can be introduced. Many groups and trainers focus in on a particular type of psychic activity known as astral projection. This is the ability to actually see other, higher level types of energy flows with the world around you. Your physical body is not involved, it is rather the conscious movement of your mind to a different level of thinking and being. From the perspective seeing others, energy flows, the world around you and even into the future becomes much more likely.

Other programs may focus more on learning to read specific aspects of another person. Again, this all occurs only after you are in control of your own emotions and mental abilities. Clairvoyance, reading auras, understanding chakras, interacting with spiritual guides or angels as well as reaching into past lives can all be included in these types of training. The best training programs don`t report that they will make you psychic, what they do report is that by taking their training you will maximize your potential for your own benefit. Many trainers of psychic classes believe that all people are psychic but block out the information or simply don`t know how to effectively hear, understand and use what is being provided. These trainers see their roles as guides and facilitators, not to teach being psychic as if it was something that you didn`t already have within you.

Intuition training, which doesn`t necessarily strive to increase psychic ability but to understand your own thoughts and knowledge is considered to be a key element in many types of psychic practices and trainings. This training allows you to learn to trust your own intuition based on learning about your own knowledge and ability to make the right choices. Many people believe that the best psychics have very strong intuitive abilities and have learned to tap into their subconscious to read what is going on around them at a much deeper level. This allows them to be able to make exceptionally clear assessments, see the smallest detail in relation to the big picture and make accurate predictions about what will happen in the future based on that information that is largely missed or incorrectly processed by others. People that support intuition types of training typically don`t require that the learner or student have any pre-existing types of psychic abilities, rather they teach observation, metacognition, assessment and evaluation techniques that heighten intuitive actions and thoughts. From this heightened awareness some students may go on to discover greater psychic abilities and pursue further training.

The internet has certainly changed the face of some of the training programs available. There are long distance training programs carried out through online webinars, streaming video presentations and group meetings in chat rooms via your home computer. These distance trainings can be a very low cost way to learn about your psychic awareness and abilities. Like any type of class you do have to participate to actually learn, and you will need to practice, complete assignments and be willing to open your mind to new possibilities to achieve your goals.

If you don`t want to do a structured type of training or are just interesting in learning a bit more about psychic abilities then the local library or the internet may be a good place to start. There are both completely modern New Age types of books on the subject and there are very old texts and documents dating back to psychic practices in early cultures.

DVD`s, books, online video programs, webinars and attending a psychic training are all good ways to start your own training program. Keep in mind that attending a psychic fair and spending time talking to psychics is often a great way to learn about the different categories and styles of psychic reading. It is also a great option to learn about how these individuals developed their skills and what training programs or courses they would recommend.


Getting started in with developing psychic abilities through meditation, spiritual awareness, guided learning, classes, or home study is a wonderful opportunity to open your mind to different possibilities. The cost of training, especially if you do it online or through books is very minimal, unlike some hobbies which are very expensive.

While most people want to develop their psychic ability to help their own lives, there are those that can really enhance their abilities and use them to help others. Psychics can use their talents to have a small clientele that they work with, or they can participate in the psychic fairs and conventions that occur across the United States every year. Those that have a true gift for helping others, providing healing, insight or information may even find another career opportunity looming in their future.