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Rapping has emerged as one of the most popular forms of music / singing in the last 20 years. It is a terrific hobby to start as all you need to get started is a passion for the music and something to say. Many of todays most popular rappers started by sitting down in their homes and writing basic raps that then evolved into great lyrics. To learn to rap you will need to write lyrics and practice your delivery.

Below is a terrific introductory article where you can learn the basics and how to get started. You can help grow our learning community by contributing your knowledge to the article. Just click on the edit tab in the wiki article below.

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Good Luck and Have Fun!
Duncan Davis



Rapping is technically the "spoken or chanted rhyming of lyrics". The three different components of rapping are "flow" (rhyme and rhythm), "delivery", and "content".

Rap was introduced to the rest of the world by people who were either African American or Hispanic in origin. The style of dancing which was connected to rap music was known as break dancing. Rap songs usually contain words and verses which are spontaneous. However a lot of critics in the world of music have stated that the advent of rap music in various walks of life has also propagated an onslaught of violent acts against women.

Rap music has also been described as poetry which has been made available in the form of music. The lyrics of the songs have been adapted to the specific beat as well as the rhythm. The lyrics of most these rap songs are usually remembered by people since they have been used in order to convey a certain point of view or make people more aware about certain issues which are bothering people in certain parts of the world. Certain rap songs have also managed to trigger a large amount of violence and hatred among people belonging to various religious or race groups.

The Seven cornerstones for learning Rap-

Any person who has decided to learn rap will have to remember seven important tips or cornerstones which will be vital towards creating a successful mark in the world of Rap.

The first and most important tip which needs to be remembered is that it is essential to pay equal importance to all styles of rap which have originated from the east coast, the west coast and also from the south. This will provide the person with the right kind of foundation or background which is needed on the different kinds of rhyming methods and schemes, the different terms which are used in the world of rap music and the different forms of flow and delivery which can be adopted in the various styles of rap.

Every single aspect of every style of rap will have to be studied carefully in order to gain a clear understanding about each of them. Hence any person who would like to become proficient in the world of rap should make sure that he listens carefully to the various styles of rap music which are available.

Music consists of many different songs which are made using different words. Hence any person who would like to make a mark in the world of rap music should also have a very remarkable vocabulary. The meanings of different words will have to be referred from a dictionary or a thesaurus and it is also important to have knowledge on words which have similar meanings or are synonyms.

Rhyming is also a very essential component of rapping since most rap songs contain rhyming words. People in the field of writing rap songs should be aware of rhyming words which will prove to be useful in the creation and construction of rap songs. Dictionaries are also updated on a regular basis and hence it is also important on the latest words which have been entered into the dictionary. A list of rhyming words should also be made since this will be useful when new songs need to be created or when certain changes or alterations need to be made in the contents of a song.

A lot of people who are entering the world of rap music for the first time and writing their own rap songs will usually find it difficult to get the whole process started in the right manner. They are likely to face a lot of doubts and obstacles at this juncture. At this point, they can try to prepare the chorus of the songs before creating the contents of the first paragraph or stanza of the song. The main idea behind the song will have to be conveyed through the chorus which has been created. Once the main chorus of the song has been created, the creation of the remaining parts of the song will become smooth and easy.

Timing is another important aspect which needs to be given a lot of attention while writing rap songs. The right kind of instrumental beat should be selected in order to set the tune for a rap song. All veterans in the world of rap music will vouch for the importance of timing during the creation of rap songs.

The person who is writing and creating the song should also be comfortable with the final product which has been created at the end. A lot of people decide to adopt a freestyle technique until they are able to establish a complete level of comfort with the lyrics which have been created. Some people simply create a simple sequence of random words which might not have any connection and try to make them rhyme and then adapt them to a specific kind of beat or tune. As the words are repeated time and again along with rhythm, changes and alterations can be made which will help in establishing the right flow for the words of the rap song.

Examples of famous rap songs have always served as a good source of inspiration for people who are trying to create their own style of rap songs. They have helped many aspiring rap song writers in overcoming their writers’ blocks and they have also shown them many new avenues which can be adopted in order to improvise new rap songs which are being written. Hence it is essential for people to remember famous verses and lines from old rap songs in order to develop them and improvise them and use them in the right manner to create rap songs of their own.

The process of recording songs will help people in understanding the final result which has been created in a much better manner. After the words of the rap song have been written and they have set to an instrumental beat and adapted to a tune, the song will have to be sang and recorded at least once. After the song has been recorded, it will have to be replayed for the person to understand the effect which is created by the song when it is being sung. It will help him in identifying and isolating the different areas where changes have to be incorporated. It is not necessary to make use of any kind of expensive equipment in order to record songs and listen to them during the initial stages. The simplest and cheapest microphones along with the simplest forms of recording equipment will definitely serve the purpose.

The introduction of rap music has also influenced many other fields in the world of entertainment namely films. Rap has also become a very essential ingredient in the world of pop music. A lot of advantages can also be found in rap music since they also have a large amount of artistic value. However, only people with a clear eye for art will be able to decipher the artistic value in the rap songs which are being created all over the world today. A lot of rap songs are being made in different parts of the world these days and it is impossible to find any artistic meaning in every single song which is being created.

How to improve the quality of your rap

A lot of new players have now entered the world of rap music and they have also started creating tough competition for the already existing players in the rap world. Hence singers and groups who have already been present in the world of rap will have to find ways of improving the quality of music which is being created by them in order to stay ahead of the latest competition which has cropped up.

The first step which needs to be taken by them is to keep their confidence levels upbeat in order to counter the new entrants in the field. A song which has completely mismatched words can be sung with complete confidence in order to make it a huge hit. Hence it is extremely important for every rap singer and artist to keep his level of confidence intact in order to stay on top of the existing competition as well as the upcoming competition.

Every rapper should make sure that he listens to himself singing at least once before making anyone else listen to his song. The amount of confidence which exists in the mind of the rapper should be reflected in the right manner in the content of his song. After the songs has been composed and then set to some instrumental beats and tunes, the person should sing the song to the tune and get it recorded using simple recording equipments. This will help him in understanding the effect and impact which is being created by the song when it is sung.

Different kinds of words are used in order to create a rap song. Hence any good writer of rap songs should have a very strong command over the English language as well as a strong vocabulary so that he can write many different songs. Awareness regarding a broad range of topics is also required in order to able to write good quality songs. This awareness will enable a lot of song writers to connect to their audience by creating songs which are relevant to a lot of important issues taking place all over the world.

Beat boxing is a very important asset which should be available with every rap song artist. The presence of the beat boxing will help in maintaining the beat throughout the length of a song and it will ensure that the singer does not lose the beat at any specific point in time. Many famous rap artists are always accompanied by a professional beat boxer whenever they are travelling for a concert or undergoing the stage of composing and creating a new song. Rap artists who are unable to gain access to a good quality beat boxer can decide to acquire a simple beat machine which will serve the same purpose as that of a beat boxer.

Rap artists who have just entered the world of rap music can learn a lot from veterans who have been in the field of rap music for long periods of time. They should listen to all the rap songs which have been composed and sung by famous rap artists from different parts of the world and try to understand the element of specialty which exists in all these songs. This will also help them in understanding the various styles which exist in the world of rap music. The subtle elements of rap music can be understood well in this manner.

Once new rap artists have managed to gain a better understanding of the various elements of rap music as well as the various styles of rap music, they will be able to create and develop their own individual style of rap music. People can develop their own individual style by improvising on styles and elements which have been derived from music which used to be played during the previous generation. This will also help the audiences to differentiate them from the various rap artists who exist in the world of rap music.

Freestyle rap

Freestyle rap comprises the specific field of rap music where poetical words are set to a specific instrumental beat or music. Freestyle rap is something which can be composed on the spur of the moment. Organized planning and preparation is not needed in order to create songs under the banner of freestyle rap. The person singing the freestyle rap song will keep composing the lines as he is singing. However a strong vocabulary is required in order to compose songs, which come under freestyle rap. This will help in creating songs which have rhyming words. A good knowledge of the English language will help the composer to find words which rhyme and which can also convey the intended meaning. It is also a good idea to write down certain pairs of rhyming words which will be useful for creating any more rap songs in the future. Beats are also an important aspect which needs to be taken care of while creating a freestyle rap songs.