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Scrapbooking is a terrific way to save a part of your life or family history for the future. In a scrapbook you can place anything that helps you remember a special time in your life. Luckily this is one of the easiest hobbies to get started with as all you need is a few inexpensive items you can buy at your local store.

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Duncan Davis



Scrap booking used to be used as a way to preserve precious pictures, news items and other memorabilia in a decorative album. Peple would also write in their scrapbooks and these became treasures that were actually handed down through the generations. Ever since photographs came on the scene, scrap booking has become even more easy. The earlier versions had photos mounted with photomount corner and included a brief description of who was who and the date on which it was taken. Letters were also preserved and all these were displayed in the scrapbook creatively.

Today, scrap booking is not just a personal hobby. It has gone commercial with people making good money from this enjoyable hobby. owes its roots to Ms.Christensen who preserved her family photos in creative scrapbooks. She was the founder of the first ever scrap book in 1981 and grew the idea into a flourishing business. She also has credit for the first scrap booking idea book in 1995 as more and more people became interested. Subsequently, her website was the first to sell commercial scrapbook supplies. As a multi billion dollar industry today, scrap booking is one of the most popular hobbies today with a lot of interested ‘scrappers’ have turned this hobby into a business.

There are various aspects to scrap booking. You can get all the supplies you want at most local scrapbook stores that also teach you how to scrapbook. There are various uses to scrap booking. Not only can you preserve your keepsakes, but also make wedding gifts and gifts for special occasions. Many people have a career as professional scrapbookers enabling those that do not have the time, or the expertise to outsource the job to the scrapbooker.


An overview of the supplies you will need for scrap booking:

The first supply you will need is the album. This can be the permanently bound type or the expandable type where you can add extra pages as you go. You can also get creative and give it other formats – it could be a mini album or the accordion type with the album folding out. Depending on whether you will display it, you can attach it to an attractive box or other base.

The most commonly used scrap booking size is the A-4, letter or large sized sheet. But there is no hard and fast rule in terms of size, so you can choose the one that matches your theme or subject.

You will need background papers of the printed and cardstock variety. Depending on how you plan to mount your pictures, you might need photo corner mounts or adhesive dots. Other options are photo mounting tape and acid free glue. You will need scissors, a paper trimmer that can produce decorative edges, some color art pens, waterproof ink pens for journaling, and adhesives. If you plan to make more elaborate scrapbook designs, you would need die-cut templates, rubber stamps, stencils, eyelet setters, heat embossing tools and anything else that embellishes your scrapbook. Embellishments can be in the form of stickers, rub-ons, add-on shapes, ribbons, stamps, eyelets, and so on.

You will need to ensure that you get good quality supplies for your scrap booking hobby since the idea is to preserve photos and journaling for a long time to come. You can get acid free, lignin free paper, stamp ink and embossing powder, and inks that are pigment based so that they do not succumb to fading.

Getting started with scrap booking

While there is no specific scrap booking style since this is a creative hobby, there are different styles that people prefer. For some, the photograph is the highlight and other embellishments minimal. Others like to tastefully embellish it with keepsakes and other decorative add ons like eyelets, dried flowers, and other die cuts. You basically begin with a layout based on which you design the page to get the right look.

Some people prefer separate scrapbooks for separate themes like holidays or a special event. The embellishments add to the mood and emotion of the scrapbook page so that when you look at it after some time, it recreates that feeling. For example, festive backgrounds and confetti for wedding scrapbooks.

You will find a huge amount of information online about different scrap booking layouts, templates and methods. There is also something called digital scrap booking these days, thanks to the advancement of technology and thanks to scanners, desktop publishing and software to help with various aspects of scrap booking. It is easy to publish your work on the Internet. Digital scrap booking has major advantages, in that it saves costs on materials and convenience. You can experiment all you want with different designs. The best thing is once you are satisfied with the way it is, you can always print it and save them as hard bound books. You can also share them online electronically.


Journaling is also a part of scrap booking. This aspect is the writing that describes the pictures on the scrapbook, bringing them to life. Journaling can also mean commenting or posting quotes on the pictures so that they take on a special meaning for those who see them. Journaling is now considered an important element of scrap booking, especially if it is done by hand.

Scrapbooking is a fun hobby that you can turn into a remunerative one by helping other people create theme-based scrapbooks of their own. Almost all of us would have maintained some kind of scrapbook during our lives for some purpose or other. Why not turn it into a full-fledged hobby and create wonderful keepsakes or even better, make money from it? This basic information should get you started at scrap booking. Have Fun!