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Spoon Collecting

Collecting spoons was traditionally a very popular hobby and has a very deep history. Whether it is collecting spoons from different countries, silver spoons, wood spoons...etc you can find a worthwhile hobby.

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Duncan Davis



Spoons have changed the life of many people. It is a hobby collector’s item and the spoons of the ancient days were made from shells and they have come a long way to be now made from varying kinds of materials. Even in the Eastern countries that were using other materials like chop sticks to eat the food are now turning to spoon collection at least as a hobby.

The spoon collection is a great hobby and it not only helps the individual to gain pleasure from the collection, but the person will also be able to exhibit it and get laurels. There are many people who use the spoon collection as an investment. Just imagine if you had bought a gold spoon collection about 10 years back, the value of the same spoon collection would have dramatically increased. The reason for this is not only that the value of the gold has galloped rapidly, but also because of the value of the collection will increase over time, especially if it is a very rare collection.

Spoons have always been an important part of human life. The reason is that it is used as a part of the kitchen item and you may have used varying kinds fo spoons depending on who is using them. The royal families of the yester years have made different expensive spoons to showcase their might and power. This has slowly rubbed on to the other people and the spoons that they used became a symbol of pomp and wealth. Over time, these spoons that were used by the pompous and the mighty were collected by other people and though spoon collecting became a common hobby only in the recent past, it has existed over the centuries from the time the modern day spoons were first used.

In the days before the modern spoons were made, the main materials that were used to make the spoons were materials like gold and silver. Even these days, these materials are used to make spoons. It should also be known that the spoons were made from other materials like bones, ivory and even horns. These were the ones that were used in ancient times. The spoon actually means wooden chip, which originated from the word spon!


The role of silver spoons has not only been the use in making the water clean when it is used. It has also been used for many other purposes. It has been seen that the silver spoons are very unique in that they have antibacterial properties that have helped in using them in many situations. Only after the role of chemical reactions was seen by scientists was the system understood.


The silver spoons that are made these days are mainly made for the collectors. There are also other kinds of spoons that are made, but these have varying properties that cannot be understood. In Rome, during the beginning of the first century, there were mainly two different kinds of spoons that were used. One called as the ligula was mainly used in the process of drinking liquid food like soups and porridge. The design of this spoon was such that it was easy to use this for the consumption of liquids. The other spoon that was used was called as the cochleare and this was different from the first one in shape and use. This was used to consume foods like sea foods and even eggs. The shape of each spoon was different and the sizes also varied.

This was the first instance of different varieties of spoons being made for varying uses. This has caught the imagination of the people from that tie and there has been a plethora of spoons that have been made over the years. Though in the early years, the materials were not standardized, the discovery of various kinds of metals made it very easy for the people to create spoons that were made of iron, brass, gold and silver. Spoons were first used only by the royal families as it symbolized richness, but slowly it became available to all people and that was when the hobby started because people wanted to collect many different kinds of spoons and those made from different material as it would make them feel rich and royal!

Spoon collecting as a hobby may have started only in the previous century. Before that, they were only thought to be utensils, show pieces and investment. The role of media like the internet has been amazing in increasing the popularity of the spoon collection. There are various individuals and organizations that have now become available to provide the needed resources for any collector. There are newspapers and newsletters that have helped people on their way to become a collector.

There are various collections that people have. The reason for the collections is that it gives a sense of happiness. The hobby also makes you to avoid feeling bored when you do some work. Many people collect spoons because of some reasons and these include the following:

1. Old and beautiful objects are all appreciated by many. When you have spoons from different generations that gives you great happiness, you will find a lot of satisfaction in the work that is being done by you in this regard.

2. As you keep searching for missing pieces in a collection, it will give you a sense of accomplishment when you are able to obtain the missing one.

3. You can do research on the various pieces or the collections and this will make you an expert in that particular collection.

Collection Methods

A general collection is one of the best methods of collecting spoons. In this kind of collection, you will start collecting whatever kind of spoon that you like. This is also one of the simplest methods of collection as you have many hundreds of varieties available commonly. Once you have completed collecting all the common kinds, or when you are happy with the large collection of ordinary spoons, you can start collecting various sets. This takes you to the next or higher level of spoon collection.


Collecting Early Spoons

A person can also collect some of the varieties of spoons that were used in the early years. These are the antique spoons and they not only have the value of the material from which the spoon is made, but they also have the antique value attached. This makes them more valuable than the ordinary spoons that were collected. Some of the spoons would cost even thousands of pounds. In fact some spoons from the Trefid collections and other rare spoons are rated very high.


Collecting by Form

The form actually talks of the pattern in which the spoon has been made. There are different kinds of patterns that can be made in a spoon and these make them more valuable according to the type, place where they were made, materials used and the number of spoons from that set which are in circulation!

Any collector would do well to try and collect the various collections. The best collection is the 13 varieties of the Apostle spoons. There are other varieties that will also be a very satisfying collection for any collector.


Collecting by Type

The type of spoon that is being collected is another important factor that a collector would like to know. There are some kinds of spoons used for specific purposes that are not expensive and are also easily available, but on the other hand, there are other spoons that are not easily available and these are the spoons such as the caddy spoons. Some kinds of spoons like the medicine spoons and the mote spoons are very rare and so are very expensive too.

There are some items from the early 19th century too that are not expensive and these are spoons like the cocktail spoons. Other items used in the kitchen too are not very expensive.


Collecting by origin

The origin of the spoon is a very important factor not only in the interest that is evinced by the collector, but also from the cost point of view. The spoons that originated from a royal family and was used there would have a lot more value. Some spoons that originated from certain places like London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, and also Dublin are available in large numbers and so these spoons are not worth much. You can buy many of these spoons for a very less price. On the other hand, some of the spoons that have been made from places like Leeds, Chester and even Glasgow are prices much higher and most of these are beyond the reach of any common collector of spoons.


Collecting by Maker

Spoons are not made by one single company or maker. There are many people who make spoons. There are some spoon makers who have created a name for themselves in making the best variety and quality of spoons. These people are the ones who make spoons that command a very high price. One such company that makes spoons of great quality with intricate designs and patterns is the Paul Storr or Chawner & Co. Other than this, the spoons made by Hester Bateman are also rated and valued very high because of the various designs in them.


Collecting by Date

The date of the creation of manufacture of the spoon also plays a major role in the collection. There are some people who specialize in the 19th century spoons, while other people may specialize in the spoons of a particular era. This makes the collection to be highly valued. It also makes the process of collection more difficult as there are likely to be very few spoons from that particular era.

The collection of spoons is not only the best method of starting a hobby that gives you satisfaction, but they are also a method of making money. The buying, storing and collection of spoons is a unique investment in which you will be able to have a collection, the value of which keeps increasing over time.

Tips for Collecting Souvenir Spoons

There are certain tips that every spoon collector would benefit from. The main thing is to decide as to what kind of spoon you would like to collect in your collection as part of your hobby. There are different kinds like the antique spoons and there are also modern-day souvenir spoons. Some people can even have two collections, one of each of these types. There are many other themes based on which you can collect spoons. These could be based on the interest in birds, animals and or only souvenir collections. There are other people for whom the collection is mainly an investment. It is very important that you get yourself to become knowledgeable in spoon collecting, before you actually start collecting the spoons.

Record keeping is very important too as you should know what spoons you have and what more are needed to complete a particular collection. You can then start searching for these missing items. In fact a complete collection or set would be much more valuable than a collection that has many pieces missing.

The storage and handling of spoons is also very important. Make sure that you do not unnecessarily keep handling the spoons as this could cause damage to the spoons. Store them in a place where they would be safe from human intervention and also from the various elements of nature.

Once you start collecting the spoons, you should keep modifying and refining your collection criteria. This will help you to be able to make sure that your collection is unique and valuable. Once you become an expert in a particular kind of spoon collecting, then you will be able to guide other people in their hobby and collection.

Though many people have collected spoons before, it is the joy of having a collection that surpasses all the satisfaction that you may get. Other than the satisfaction, it also makes sure that you have a collection that you can bank on as an investment.