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Tarot Cards are a pack of playing cards created in the mid 15th century and that can be used for a variety of purposes including Tarot Card Reading to learn about yourself (such as question reading and open readings). There are many different types of Tarot cards that you can read about below.

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The belief that reading cards can provide insight into the future has been a belief of the occult for centuries. This mystical ability is one that can be learned by anyone with a dedication and devotion to the craft. Tarot card reading is often associated with gypsies and a belief in spiritual powers, but in truth tarot cards can have a different meaning and use for every person who uses them. You can believe that the power of the cards comes from just about anywhere but the underlying focus is to have a faith in the power of the cards.

This skill is not always perfect and the cards may seem to give false readings but that may simply be because the true meaning of the cards was shrouded or because the future foretold by the cards has yet to occur. It is also important to know that each card can have numerous different meanings.

Types of Cards

There are a number of different types of cards that can be used to perform readings; the type you choose is purely a personal one. Each set of cards can sometimes be used to discern certain aspects of the future. There are Esoteric tarot decks, Tarot de Marseille in occultis , and Occult tarot decks.

Card Meanings/Spreads

Each card in the deck has a different meaning and this can change due to the position of the card and whether or not it is upside down. The card meanings can also depend on the type of spread used.


Card Meanings

While each deck comes with its own set of meaning for each card there are a number of common images that you may come across. There are also different meanings for different types of cards and different meanings for the card based on whether or not it is reversed.

For example the Death card if upright means the beginning of new life or major changes. It can also mean the ending a certain phase in life. It does not actually have a negative meaning or foreshadow death if upright. But if the card is reversed it signifies a change that is unpleasant or painful. It can also mean mental, physical or spiritual exhaustion. Despite the bad reputation of this card in few if any decks and spreads does it actually mean death.

The same can be said for the lovers card. Upright it means harmony and union. It also means choices that must be made using ones intellect and these choices do not even have to be about love. If the card is reversed however could point to infidelity, indecisiveness and a warning to not make any major decisions at this time.

These two examples show that you should also read the information that is included with your cards and do the proper research before making assumptions about what the cards mean. Many times the meaning behind the cards is exaggerated in order to create a more impressive effect but true tarot card readers will embrace this ambiguity and know the importance of reading the cards together.

If you focus on a basic deck of 78 cards that will include a number of different groupings of cards. These include the Major Arcana, the suit of wands, the suit of cups, the suit of swords and the suit of coins. Each of these suits and groupings can have different meanings based on how they are revealed and spread out together.

Where to Buy

If you are not too picky about the type of deck or how artistic the pictures are, many bookstores will offer a few tarot sets and instruction books. These tarot cards are usually very basic but will perform the same functions as a more artistic and expensive tarot card deck. These sets will usually run for less than $20 so they are a great way for beginners to get into learning to read the cards.

How to Store Your Cards

While tarot card themselves are durable and can just be kept in the case they are kept in. But many people who believe in the spiritual powers of the cards will suggest special cases or wraps for the cards. For example many cards decks will suggest that they be wrapped in silk. But this is not set in stone, because just like the meanings for each card can be ambiguous so can be the proper way to store them.

Some people will choose to purchase special pouches or boxes with which to keep their cards. This is a way to add special care and importance to the cards, but it is not necessary. Most tarot card readers will suggest that you store and keep your cards in the way that you choose and a way that makes you feel happy and comfortable.

Like any hobby learning how to read tarot cards is a skill that takes practice and one that you should do as long as it makes you happy. It can be a truly interesting hobby that can help you learn more about yourself and others in a very unique and spiritual way.