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Beat Box

Below you can find a ton of useful online resources that will help you learn your new hobby. We go through each link one by one and try to only include free sites with terrific content. If you find a broken link please help us out by contacting us so that we can remove it.

Good luck!

Beat box TV - Huge online Beat box resource. With tutorials, music, films, and great set of frequently asked questions.

Human Beat Box - Learn about the history, phonetics, performance tips, tutorials, and interviews dealing with beat box. Includes huge forum.

Beat Outside de Box - This beat box blog has constant posts of different videos and techniques for beat boxers. Must visit every day for new stuff.

Beatboxing - One of the oldest online beat boxing resources. Tons of articles, downloads, forums etc...

Video Beat Box Sequencer - Computer beat box simulator. Click on squares to play the sound, Very Cool!! Here is another version of the same sequencer.

Biz Markie - Official site for the famous beat box artist. Includes videos and sound clips.