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Below you can find a ton of useful online resources that will help you learn your new hobby. We go through each link one by one and try to only include free sites with terrific content. If you find a broken link please help us out by contacting us so that we can remove it.

Good luck!

Boxing 4 Free - Great Free lessons for boxing by expert instructor. Covers basic punches, footwork, defense, counterpunch, and other issues.

Wikipedia Boxing - Very in depth article about boxing, from its origins, throughout its history, equipment, techniques. Highly recomended!

Amateur Boxing - Has FAQ on amateur boxing. Recommended for beginners wanting to enter amateur boxing, has general rules and registration information.

Bodybuilding - Boxing - An in-depth look into getting into shape for boxing. Made by www.bodybuilding.com.

BoxingGyms.com - Address list and reference guide to boxing gyms throughout the USA. If you cant find one here look below.

BoxingHelp.com - Gyms - Address list of boxing gyms and clubs throughout the US and international sites as well.

Eastside Boxing Forum - Huge online boxing forum with al sorts of useful information.

Saddoboxing Forum - Another very active online boxing forum where you can ask questions and learn new stuff.