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Below you can find a ton of useful online resources that will help you learn your new hobby. We go through each link one by one and try to only include free sites with terrific content. If you find a broken link please help us out by contacting us so that we can remove it.

Good luck!

http://www.pets.ca/exotic/articles/what-you-need-to-know-before-buying-a-ferret/ : Nice article about the needs and care of the ferret


http://www.weaselwords.com/ : Ferret newsletter covering issues related to the care of pet ferrets. Photographs, ferret names, articles by topic, glossary, links, and more


http://weah4.tripod.com/id4.html : Nice article about ferrets and links to common ferret diseases


http://www.everythingferret.com/index.htm : Ferrets in need of a home and people looking for ferrets. Links to Ferret Information. Find answers to your ferret questions by visiting links to articles


http://www.all-about-ferrets.com/ : Everything about everything of ferrets


http://www.modernferret.com/ : Modern Ferret magazine is a fun and informative resource created for ferret owners, by ferret owners


http://www.ferretcentral.org/ : Extensive index to ferret information and resources on the `Net. FAQs, news, pictures, sounds, chats, products, breeders, organizations, ect.


http://www.wfu-wfic.org/ : Registered foundations dedicated to educating the public about the domestic ferret. Newsletters, membership details, information about ferrets


http://www.afip.org/consultation/vetpath/ferrets/: Detailed information about Ferret diseases


http://www.ferret-universe.com/ : A detailed website that covers everything ferret.