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Model Rockets

Below you can find a ton of useful online resources that will help you learn your new hobby. We go through each link one by one and try to only include free sites with terrific content. If you find a broken link please help us out by contacting us so that we can remove it.

Good luck!

Beginning Model Rocketry- The basics for anybody wanting to get into the hobby.

Fly Rockets - Great information for people wanting to learn more about the hobby.

Rockets 4 You- This site is a bit more basic but still has useful info.

How to Build Model Rocket- This terrific online resource has many techniques for people building their own model rockets.

John Cocker - A cool resource with a how to guide for building your own rocket.

NASA - This beginners guide to rockets from Nasa is pretty cool, although more oriented toward full size rockets.

Dmoz - Model Rockets - The online directory area that has tone of useful online links.