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Below you can find a ton of useful online resources that will help you learn your new hobby. We go through each link one by one and try to only include free sites with terrific content. If you find a broken link please help us out by contacting us so that we can remove it.

Good luck!

Ballroom Dancers - Here you can get a general overview of waltz, many of the steps, and a selection of Waltz Music used to dance.

Dance TV - This great free online tutorial has 9 lessons, from the basic introduction on positioning and movement to more complex steps.

Waltz Balls -  Interesting little article on all types of Ballroom dancing, has small but helpful section on Waltz.

uDance2 -  The # 1 dance community: Social media web community just for dancers; learn dance, shop for dance products, post your videos, blogs, images, find great dance partners, and interact with other dancers!

Teacher Search -  Here you can find a teacher in your area, search US by state or zip code or even international.

Teacher Search at AccessDance Network - Great listing of teachers, studios and camps across the USA.

Dance Forums - This forum has a ton of great info on ballroom dancing. You can get questions answered regarding most everything related to Waltz.

Dance.net Forum - This forum also has great info about the Waltz, ask questions and get them answered.